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By: Raving


On March 21 Lieutenant Commander D. Francis was re-instated in the army. He was to lead the newly formed Black Ops Seals, a group of soldiers who were the best in the army. The base was located somewhere in the South Pacific on an island not far from Japan. The first few weeks they had gotten no assignments and they took the time to train more.

Chapter 1 - Peru in the night

On July 3 the team got their first assignment, a tough one. They had to go to Peru and kill a dangerous rebel faction called "Free Peru". This faction was to be terminated because they had already caused the deaths of more than 5000 people.
At 2:15 in the night on July 4 the team headed to Peru. They were to arrive at approximately 5:30 in the night. The sun would go up at 8:12 in the morning, which gave them little time to move in and kill the rebels. They arrived at 5:31 on a deserted beach and quickly moved into the bushes and trees that were along the beach. Nobody had seen them coming in, how fortunate. Their target lay 27 kilometres east southeast, they started to move in. Thirteen minutes after they had arrived they were detected. The enemy shot a flare into the sky, lighting up their position, making it an impossible task to hide themselves. The only way out of this was to fight. A series of gunshots killed several enemy units, but the team had not fired them. They didn't know who did it and had no time to find out. They moved further into the jungle and found an abandoned cottage. After a few minutes of inspection they found out that this was an outpost from the rebel faction. The decision was made to leave the outpost for now. The further they got into the jungle the harder it was to move.

All of a sudden one of the men screamed and fell down on the ground. He had been bitten by a snake and was to die unless he was brought to a hospital. Two men would bring him back to the base, one who had medical experience and one who was strong enough to carry the wounded soldier. The rest continued to the rebel base. After an hour they could see the rebel base, they had to move quickly now. Two guards were patrolling around the base, two of the seals took their throwing knives and threw them at the guards. They fell to the ground and died without making a sound. The two seals quickly went to the bodies, took their knives and moved the bodies into the bushes. After a minute three guards walked along the path and they were also killed. The seals moved towards what seemed to be the command tent. One of the seals accidentally activated a trap, a siren could be heard and seconds later all the searchlights went on. The seals hid behind some barrels and waited. Luckily a squirrel ran across the base and the rebels blamed it for the alarm.

Though the searchlights were still on, the rebels seemed to go ahead with their own business. After a few minutes the searchlights went off. The seals moved into an empty tent where they found plans for the construction of a missile silo and an ICBM, probably a nuclear one. How could the rebels have gotten those plans? But that wasn't the strangest thing, no the strangest thing was the fact that the plans contained the logo of the CIA. What would the CIA do with plans for a missile silo and ICBM? The seals heard people coming and hid again. Two persons walked into the tent, one of them seemed to wear the uniform of a general. The two were looking at the plans and did not pay attention to their backs. Two seals slowly walked up to the soldiers from the back and before they knew it their throats were slid. The seals moved the dead bodies and left the tent from the back. They hid behind some barrels and when a two-men patrol came along they killed them. The seals wanted to move on but there was an explosion to the north of their position, they had to stay here for a while. Two tents caught fire and most of the base personnel moved towards the fire to help extinguish it. This was a perfect opportunity for the seals to take them out. Five seals stood up and threw hand grenades towards the rebels. Most of them were killed and the rest was too wounded to do anything. The seals shot several rebels who were still alive. The base personnel that weren't killed in the explosion started to shoot at the seals, the seals shot back.

Half of the remaining rebels were killed before the first seal was. One of the rebels threw a grenade towards the seals, they ran as fast as they could while still shooting at the rebels. Another seal was killed and it looked like they were all going to die. The seals hid behind a truck and fought back, killing the remaining forces without losing one of their own. They had succeeded but dawn had come and they could not move until it was night again. With the risk of more rebels coming they gathered all the weapons they could carry and moved to the outpost they had seen on their way to the base. They waited what was to come, and after a few hours it came. A group of rebels had come to investigate the outpost, the seals quickly took defensive positions.

At first the rebels didn't notice that the outpost was taken over by the seals, but when they fired the first shots it became clear enough to them. Bullets flew all over the place and most of the surrounding trees and plants were destroyed. The outpost sustained heavy damage before the last rebel was taken out. The seals knew that this place could fall apart any time now, so they moved closer to the beach. After a few more hours of waiting it finally became dark. The seals went to the beach, one of them made radio contact with the base and the others constructed a raft. After two hours a boat arrived offshore, this was their ride home. They quickly took the raft and peddled towards the boat. When they got close, gunshots were fired right in front of them. This wasn't their ride, this was a patrol boat from the rebels. The patrol boat moved towards them but before it got to them it exploded. Their boat had come and had shot at the rebel boat. The sea was lit with a red glow.
After five hours the were back at they base and were debriefed. They told their commander about the missile silo, the ICBM and the CIA logo. Their commander told them not to pay any attention to it. They didn't.

Chapter 2 - Assassination

August 24, the team got their second mission, to assassinate a key figure in the Central American wars. It didn't matter how they would do it, as long as they would do it. August 30, 22:34 evening. The team managed to get onto the roof of the building where the target is located. One of the team members disabled the security, giving them 30 minutes to assassinate the target and get out of there. There was a window located in the centre of the roof, the team had gotten one glass out and threw a rope down, they slid down the rope into what appeared to be the central hallway. They moved to the second floor where they came across some guards. Luckily the team managed to hide themselves before the guards could see them. A team member took a knife and slowly moved towards a guard from the back, another member pointed a Colt.45 with silencer at the other guard. When the member with the knife jumped up at a guard and sliced his throat the other member immediately fired upon the remaining guard. The team moved the bodies and cleaned up the blood a little bit.

They proceeded down the corridor and after a minute they came to a locked door. The door couldn't be opened so they had to go some other way, they moved back and went downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs they turned left and entered a room, it was empty. On the other side of the room was another door, but the team didn't go there, cameras were probably watching the room. The team moved to the other side of the building and when they got to the stairs again they were spotted by eight guards whom had taken position there. The guards immediately opened fire upon the team and the team returned fire. One of the team members was hit and began to bleed heavily, in response the team threw a hand grenade. The explosion killed three guards but it had alarmed several more of the intruders. Within minutes fifteen more guards had come into the hall and the team was surrounded, there was no way out. The guards moved closer, guns pointed at each member of the team when all of a sudden a guard dropped dead on the floor. Somebody had shot him, but who? All the team members had their hands in the air and their weapons were on the ground. Then two more guards dropped dead, but there was still no sign of somebody who could have shot them. One of the guards called out; "Show yourself or we will kill your team mates!". The reply was another shot. The shot pierced a guard's head and came out the other end, flying towards another guard, he also dropped dead on the floor. The remaining guards got anxious and ran away and while they were running several of them were shot. When the guards were away the team stood up and picked up their weapons. The team discussed their options and chance of succeeding, the rope that they had used to get into the building was still hanging in its place so they could go out that way. Then somebody climbed down the rope and walked up to the team, it was a member who had stayed at their base because he had gotten the flu and sneezed a lot.

He was better now and so the commander ordered him to go to his team. The team welcomed him and explained what they were planning on doing. It seemed a good idea to retreat and come back another day but there was a big chance that the target would have been moved by then. The seals agreed to proceed with the plan and moved to the second floor. The team moved towards the end of the corridor and found that the door that was previously locked was now open. They silently moved into the room behind the door, it was abandoned. They were too late, the target had been evacuated. On a table in the middle of the room lay a message; "You will not succeed, here's a going away present.". Weird, it was written on a paper with the CIA logo. A team member shouted that there was a bomb in the room. The team left the room and when the last man went out the bomb exploded, the blast was so big that the member was thrown across the hall against the wall, dead. The team went downstairs again so they could get out. One of the team members ran towards the door and while another member shouted not to open the door cause it was booby trapped, the other opened the door. A violent explosion killed the team member. A team member climbed up the rope, the rope came a little bit down and immediately started to burn. There was only one option left to leave the building. They had to go to the room that was probably monitored. The team moved towards the room and one of them opened the door, nothing happened. They moved into the room one by one. In the room there were two more doors, a big and a small one, and there was a window that was barred. The team chose to move to the big door and when they came there, one of the team members said he heard a cough from behind the smaller door. Five members moved to the smaller door, two on each side of the door and one in front of it. The one in front of the door opened it. Behind the door was a huge room, in the centre of the room stood a chair, back faced towards the door. The five team members moved up to the chair and when they got in front of it they saw their target, he was dead. A bullet through the head, that's what killed him, in his left hand was the gun in his right hand a suicide note, written on paper with the CIA logo.

Chapter 3 - The Exchange

A faction in Peru had kidnapped an American operative, they were willing to exchange him for one of their own and the American government had agreed to this. The exchange was to take place in an abandoned warehouse in the capitol of Peru. When the team arrived in the capitol the local police immediately arrested them. Somebody had told the police that they were smuggling drugs. After spending a few hours in jail they were released. It was disturbing that they were arrested since only a few people knew about them coming to Peru. The team went to a hotel and booked a room. They had to wait a day before the exchange was going to take place. Just a few hours after they had moved into the room the phone rang, someone said that the exchange was taking place today in another location, the park. The team went to the park and after an hour a man approached them, he claimed to be the guy from the phone call and said they had to send the person with him. The team leader asked where there operative was, the man said that he would be delivered after he himself had safely left the place. The team waited an hour but nobody came, they returned to the hotel. The next day they went back to the park, one man would stay behind for the phone.

After half an hour he came to the park. He had gotten a call in which someone asked where they were. The team realized that they had been misled and that the person they were to exchange was in the hands of somebody else. They went to the abandoned warehouse and met with the faction, they told them about the call and heard that the faction was recently infiltrated by spies from a smaller faction. The faction wanted to kill the American operative but the seals convinced them not to do so, cause they might be able to retrieve the person. The faction agreed and went back to their base, with the American operative. The seals returned to the hotel and after a few minutes they got a call, it was the smaller faction demanding the elimination of the biggest faction. The seal weren't willing to do that so they thought up a trap. They told the person on the phone that they wanted to meat them first with the exchange person so they could see if he was all right. The smaller faction took the bait, they agreed to meet in two days in the park at midnight. Two days later the team went to the park, the smaller faction party had already arrived, with the person, he was all right and the seals were glad to see he was. One of the men from the smaller faction asked when they would eliminate the other faction, never, was the reply. Right after that a lot of soldiers with guns jumped out of the bushes and shot all the people from the smaller faction. The person was save, the seals got their operative back and upon inspection of the dead bodies they found a letter printed on paper with the CIA logo. The letter told about the meeting between the seals and the faction.

Chapter 4 - Travelling by train

The team got called to Washington for a debriefing on a failed mission. They would reach the west coast by boat and travel further by train.
All aboard!!! Was the sign for the departure of the train. The team had climbed aboard a few minutes before and had taken place in a private cabin. The team wasn't at ease because a few days before, they heard rumours that a train would be hijacked within a week by the rebel faction called "Free Peru". After an hour the conductor came into the carriage, "Tickets, tickets please. Ticke....". A gunshot was heard and the team went out to see what happened, they found the conductor on the floor with a bullet through his head. On the other side of the carriage stood a soldier with a gun, he was be a soldier of the "Free Peru" faction. The team took cover and tried to make it back to their cabin, but another soldier stood at the other end of the carriage pointing his gun at them. The passengers were taken to the last carriage of the train and were locked in it. The team quickly started to look for ways out and tried to calm other people. The team searched high and low and finally, after about half an hour they found an exit to the outside. A hatch in the floor, at the back of the carriage right above the wheels. Getting out through it wasn't impossible but it was very dangerous. They heard a door open and quickly put the hatch back in it's place. A soldier came in the carriage and took one of the women, he said that she would make an example for the American government.

When the soldier left the room, the seals started to discuss their options. One of them had to slip under the carriage and try to open the back door, then the other seals would climb onto the roof of the carriage and move towards the next carriage. Once there the first seal would uncouple the last carriage, making sure the passengers would be save from any gunfights that might occur. the smallest seal moved through the hatch to the back of the carriage and tried to open the backdoor. But the backdoor was locked tightly so he looked for another way out. He went onto the roof and after four minutes he found a hatch. He tried to open it but wasn't able to do it, so he went back and asked if someone had a screwdriver. Just when he wanted to return to the roof a soldier came in, "You! Come with me!", he took a little girl with him. When the soldier had left the carriage the seal climbed back on the roof and opened the hatch. One by one the seals climbed out and after ten minutes they were all on the roof. They closed the hatch and got onto the roof of the next carriage. The first seal uncoupled the carriage and it slowly came to a stop. The next step would be to go to their cabin and retrieve their weapons, but there was a big chance that the rebels had found the weapons and placed them somewhere else. The team started to look for a hatch but they couldn't find one so they proceeded to the next carriage. But before they could get there the train came to a tunnel.

The team dropped themselves flat on the roof so they wouldn't hit the tunnel. Inside the carriage was a rebel who heard the noise and immediately started to shoot the roof. Fortunately, only one of the seals got hit. When the train got out of the tunnel a few rebels went onto the roof and without seeing what was on it they were killed by the seals. The seals took the weapons from the rebels and threw the dead bodies of the train. They climbed down the carriage and opened the door, they went inside as quietly as possible. The seals moved to the front of the carriage and opened the door between this and the next carriage. As soon as they opened the door a gun was fired, the team closed the door and retreated to the back of the carriage. They heard the door open and looked over the bench behind which they were hiding. A man stood in the doorway aiming his gun at everything in the carriage, though he did not shoot. One of the seals with a gun shot the guy and immediately several other rebels came into the carriage. A gunfight had begun and it took the seals a while for them to overcome the enemy, but they succeeded. The seals moved to the next carriage, those who didn't have a gun picked one up and checked for ammo. The team was now in the first carriage, behind the locomotive, they carefully got outside on the locomotive and proceeded towards the front. A few rebels were standing on the front of the locomotive, they had 2 hostages with them. The team had to come with another tactic, or the hostages would die. They retreated into the first carriage and started to work out a plan. They decided that only two man would go, disguised as one of the rebels. The seal that would do this started to put on the clothes of a rebel and after ten minutes he was ready to proceed. He walked to the front of the locomotive, head down and hands inside the sleeves of the jacket he was wearing, cause he carried two guns. The rebels on the front of the train told him to stop and look up, immediately the seal raised his hands pointing at the rebels and pulled both triggers on the guns. The rebels were eliminated and the hostages were safe. The seals contacted the authorities and explained what happened.

Chapter 5 - Washington D.C. the White House.

After two days the seals had reached Washington and were ordered to go to the White House because the president wanted to congratulate them about the train incident. The seals came to the White House, ready to meet the president. A bodyguard told them to wait in the hallway as he would notify the president. After a few minutes he returned and said; "The president will be right with you.
". After another few minutes the president came into the hallway and started to walk to the seals. A CIA operative walked up to the president and then, right in front of the eyes of the seals he shot the president.




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