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By: CommandoRex

D-Day for the Third Great War

After the fall of Moscow there was a long cease fire between the Allies and the remaining Soviet empires. Behind the lines of the soviets hid a covert base of operations that only the CIA knew about and in that covert base of operations, the Soviets had designed the weapon so powerful that it could decimate the whole U.S. The Soviets called is Volkov-DD1. 5 weeks after the discover of the weapon, the CIA's intelligence pin-pointed that Volkov-DD1 (akaV-DD1) had left the covert base lines and headed for a secret facility in Siberia that was heavily defended. The general of the U.S army was notified about that and was forced to send an elite, stealth squadron codenamed Bravo.

Lt. General Allen Carp would lead the small assault team silently in to the facility, and take out the silo launching V-DD1 before it got to the facility but they would be deep in enemy territory and the mission was stated "suicide" by President Duncan, but, the mission had to go on. The assault team was not very large, only 500 strong divided into 5 regiments would take part in the important mission. Lt. General Carp would lead the 1st Regiment, and Majors Ned Smart, Alex Todd, Max Pole, and Richard Reid would lead regiments 2, 3, 4, and 5. It was a cold February day when the mission would start. It was 0200 hours military time in Fort Hope, Alaska where the regiments would be transported by copter.

"Listen up, we'll be landing in ETA 1 hour from now men, and I expect you to fight hard because this mission will decide the fate of the U.S.A and its allies." Lt. General Carp told his men. "I know that we shall be outnumbered, but, we have the advantage on firepower, morale, and strategy so we shall make through alive but I know some of you may die, but remember you are saving your country, and our brothers-in-arms!!! I hope to our flag waving on their Con. Yard proclaiming our victory!!!"

After the ride the men were finally at Siberia. The landing was a success but they still needed to walk a little to get to the gates. The regiments formed a small camp near-by the base and were than ordered to attack the gate's SAMs and Telsa Coils.

"CHARGE!!!" ordered the Lt. General. The men launched the assault. The soviet's guard was low since it was very early morning but they lost 20 men trying to destroy the gate's defensive. After the brutal attack the facility's guard skyrocketed, many conscripts climbed the facility's surrounding fortress wall to aid the defense but the SAM sites were destroyed, and a wave of harriers and A-10s destroyed the of the whole wall making the entry of the soldiers easier. The remaining A-10s that still had ammo killed many conscripts and destroyed the facilities barracks that held all the troops. After taking down the enemies' guard a C-14 plane came along and Para dropped HEAT seeking missiles for the units assigned to destroy the guarding tanks.

As soon as the first bombing run ended, the troops moved forward as the Soviets fell back to guard the silo. Since there was a gathering at the silo the rest of the base was easily decimated. The Lt. General called up a re-grouping in the remnants of the soviet barracks. There both teams had a cease fire until 30 minutes later a small wave of F-117As were launched to attack the facility but they were all shot down by the soviet troops' AA weapons. As soon as that happened Lt. General Allen had commanded that all regiments make a large charge while the soviet's guard was on the air. The 5 regiments' plan was to surround the troops around the facility and than fire all their heavy-arms. "Men, I suggest you use your HEAT Seeking Missiles and FRAG Grenades because this is where the tough resistance will be at.

When the troops were lined up and visualized the enemy they halted. For the next few seconds they just stared at each other and then that's when both teams' commanders ordered a commanded to aim and than "FIRE!!!" they ordered. Many of the troops on the front of the battle died instantly including Major Todd, and Pole. "This is Lt. General Allen to Fort Hope, we need air support NOW!!!" the general angrily exclaimed. "A squad of B-52s has been en route to the base and now they are ETA 30 seconds from your location." replied the captain. Alright everyone fall back and try to fire at them while you are!!!" commanded the Lt. General. Now there were 250 units left to attack the base and there were still 500 soviet units, but that all changed when the B-52s carpet bombed the soviets' location and killed about half of the units than that's when Allen ordered "All men attack NOW!!!"

The assault was a success and the facility was C-4ed and the men had 5 minutes to evacuate 100 miles from the area or experience a nuclear explosion. "I need helicopters in this facility for about 250 people here now!" the Lt. General told the command center from Alaska. "Don't worry the copters will be there in ETA 2 minutes." The captain radioed them. Finally the battle was over and victory was claimer but for a high price. About 220 men lost their lives in this long battle and at least 120 wounded so almost everyone got an experience that couldn't be forgotten. 5 minutes later everyone was already evacuated and from air they saw a humongous explosion on the facility and the mission was really complete.

Meanwhile back at the Pentagon in Washington D.C, the C.I.A has reported to all the men in Siberia that the vehicle that had war-head that was supposed to launch at the now obliterated facility had survived the attack and is now going back to way heavy guarded lines. It may have been a mission success, but the war-head lingers undamaged.




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