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By: WarMaster

Chapter 1: Discovery

We have discovered a NOD force to the east of the civilian's city. I have sent my units to explore; they have not come back; I sent them off a week ago. We have invented a new unit from the technology stolen from the NOD and we have called it "The Mammoth MKIII" and have equipped it with NOD special weapons and a NOD cloaking device. We copied this unusual weapon and made our own cloaking generator.

"Captain, come in," said John. "Guys we've lost our communication," John said to Dave and Josh. "Great we're just a bunch of infantry in the middle of no-where," Dave said, and then suddenly John's communicator rang, "John is that you," said the captain, "Thank god it's you captain," John said. "John we're picking about 50 units and buildings on our scope," said the captain; then John said, "OH! No sir we've found their base they've got a cloaking device." BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

IN THE CONTROL ROOM "Captain I'm picking up 3 units moving at 2 miles per hour, sir what shall we do," said Mark, the control master. "Do we have our new cloaking generator," said the captain. "Yes we do sir but they are already in range and can see us," said Mark. "Ok, have we built the mammoth MKIII," said the captain. "Yes sir, we have, and the weapons have charged," said Mark. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GET IT TO GUARD OUR BASE WITH SOME OTHER UNITS!" shouted the captain.

IN THE CAPTAINS OFFICE "Sir, we found the scout squad, they sent a message after you communicated them, sir look I'll show the video for you," said the sergeant. He pressed a button on the remote. The big screen in front of them flashed then the voices started, "OH! No sir we've found their base, they've got a cloaking device BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" "That's when we lost our communication, you saw what happened to them, I think they've turned them into cyborgs," said the sergeant. "We've got three units coming to base, contact Mark and ask him if he can get a close up on those units," said the captain. "Okay, sir; Mark can you get a close up" said the sergeant. "Yes sir they have just moved into close up range," Mark said pressing keys on his keyboard. "Here it is sir," said Mark, as it came up on the big screen. "Oh No! Look its John, Dave and Josh they've turned them into cyborgs," said the captain.

"Well sir I will go and lead the squadron," said the sergeant. "Okay, good luck," said the captain. "Thank you sir."

"Guys, here they come," said the sergeant charging into them. Suddenly there was the loudest gunfire as the cyborg's fired. "AAAAAAAARGH!" cried the sergeant. "Sir, are you okay," said one of the infantry. "You become what I am. Take my badge. What's your name?" said the sergeant. "My name is Cameron," said the infantry. "Good luck Cameron, take my badge and contact the captain tell him to put the cloaking generator on, goodbye," the sergeant said in a weak croaky voice. "Thank you sir, captain we've lost the sergeant he's asked me to take over his job, and also he said to turn on the cloaking generator," said Cameron. "Okay, thank you, what is your name young warrior," said the captain. "My name is Cameron sir," said Cameron. "Okay, good luck," said the captain. Then the whole base disappeared as the last cyborg was killed.

Chapter 2: Getting ready to attack.

"Right everybody listen," said the captain, as it echoed out of the communicator on the wall in the barracks, "We need to train lots and lots of light infantry, and some disc throwers, we're going to attack their base," said the captain.

"Every body listen up," said the captain, through the communicator in the war factory, "We need you to build titans and wolverines on the double, we are getting an army to attack the enemy base," said the captain. "Okay, sir," replied the Technician.

"Sir, we have trained and built all the units," said Cameron, the new sergeant. "Okay, get the army ready, you tell them where to go, and then give the captain titan a communicator to tell him what to do," said the captain. "Yes sir," said the sergeant. "Sir the army are on their way," said the sergeant. "Okay, hand me that transmitter," said the captain. "Okay, here sir," said the sergeant "Thank you," replied the captain.




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