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By: Chris Bean

I walked along, the Uzi Sub-machine gun freezing my hand, I was part of "the Underground", a group of 10 Counter-Terrorists sent to Russia to stay on the border and, if the Global Liberation Army- A new terrorist group- Got out of Chinese hands, to move in and kill the terrorists.

Now, it seemed that the fighting had stopped, we had headed in to check these claims.

Armed mostly with Uzi U-45's, MP10's, and Colt M-20 Assault rifles, with secondarys Ranging from brand New Berreta M10's, to Colt M2003 semi auto .44MAG's, to Uzi Micro-3's. We trundled through the last of the snow in Russia, just 4 miles away from the border and the possiblility of finding an abandoned APC, we just prayed that that would happen, we weren't up to walking another 40 until we came upon the US rear bases.

Joe Simien signaled to hold when he sight 4 GLA Rocket troops.
We followed his lead, as he blasted away with his Barrett M99A2 Semi-Automatic Sniper rifle, 2 fell to the .550 caliber rounds, but the other two crouched, moved to the left, then, disappeared.
As we moved to check this impossibility, 4 GLA scorpion tanks rumbled over the crest of the Russian hill, so now, we went from, walking carefully down the slightly snowy and icy hillside to getting down it any way we could.

When we got to the point of the fallen GLA troops, we noticed anything of value had been stripped off, with tank shells exploding around us, I pointed out a hole in the side of the hill. Glen Bittre ordered us down into it, and we hopped down, toward, what we assumed would be certain death.




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