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By: Sarge790

NOTE: NOT STORY! PLEASE READ! Firstly, this is not a skit of 9/11 and I would like it know that I condemn the actions of Al Quieda on that day and any other act of terrorism they may do after this message is written. I will repeat that this is not meant to cause any offence in any way. It has only been written to make an Interesting story. Thank you for reading this message. Enjoy the story!

President Duncan yawned. It was 6:30 a.m. and his phone was ringing. He rubbed his eyes, stretched then answered.
"Quickly sir, there is someone here who has to see you." "Ok, I coming over."
He failed to notice the screams in the background, as he was half-asleep.
He quickly got dressed in his suit and got in the car, which was waiting for him, which sped off to the White House. You may say he lives there, but during the war against the Reds, he was moved for safety. He arrived and walked into the White House. As soon as he entered he realised something was wrong. A gun was pointing in his face. Now he wasn't the brightest man but even he knew that was bad. "What the...?" he said. "Keep hands on head, don't do anything funny and follow me!" Duncan did as he was told and followed the man wearing black like a ninja. He was about 6 ft, and you could see the size of his biceps through the clothing. They appeared to be bigger than a marathon runners legs.

They then arrived in the old president's old bedroom. "Get on bed, NOW!" said the man in very poor English Duncan did as he was told. The twitch he had gained in is right arm from the first war, had come back. He then started to shiver uncontrollably, but the old soldier part of him took over. He didn't look him in the eyes and was starting to think of what might happen. On the way to the room he had noticed that there were about 2 guards on each corridor. This meant there were several hundred men.
"God!" he thought. He would need an army to be rescued, let alone securing the building and rescuing other hostages.
"We want, you make call, banks, get 50 million dollars."
"Where are you from?"
"I tell you to do, not you to tell me, now move!" "Okay."
He realised from that accent he was probably from the Yugoslavia area, probably from Serbia.
They went to his office. "Now call banks."
Duncan then typed the number for the Hostage Rescue team. "H.R.T team, what's up?
"Duncan here, err, we need a sizeable cash fund, err because umm, the soldiers want paying."
"Sir? Are you okay?"
"Yeah bring it soon, we need it now because of 489*"
* Don't know exact number okay!
Duncan then hangs up quite harshly. He prayed that they got his message and were now organising a way to get him the hell out of there.

"What was that sir?"
"It was the president, said that something about money because of a 489." said the sergeant.
"What's a 489 sir?" asked the rookie, fearfully.
"Its a major hostage situation rookie, Jesus, your thick. Hang, on. Oh God, send an officer to examine the White House now!
He dropped his coffee and ran to the phone.
It only took a few minutes to confirm their greatest fear. "Get every police station in the city and call the army. We need every trained man for this!" yelled the Sergeant.
The terrorists were all starting to relax. They thought that the money they had demanded would be there, they would take and drive to Mexico before getting a flight back home. Life was good they thought.

Then next, fear went through them all. Sirens and helicopters came from nowhere and forced them into a panic. The terrorist leader then quickly forced them into order.
"So, Duncan thought he would be a smart arse and call the police. He will live to regret this!"
Duncan was awakened by the same sound. He was alerted more when the terrorist came in with 2 hostages.
"You Idiot. These peoples die now!"
"Don't, you dare!" and before Duncan could blink he and thrown a punch at one of them.
"Fool!" he screamed two shots were fired. They made the police snipers panic and they opened firing killing 3 whose heads were shattered. After that there was silence except for the sound of the helicopters blades, whirring in the morning light.

Duncan looked at his hand. There was blood all right, but not his. It was one of the terrorists. Two bullets which were fired and bounced off the metal bedpost into the 1 terrorist by the door. The other one was out cold, because of his punch. He picked up terrorist weapon, which happened to be an AK-47. He noticed he had grown weak with the weeks of inactive service, and the gun was a lot heavier than it used to be. He examined it for damage and finding none, notice the two women, cleaners, cowering in the corner. He crept over to them.
"Don't worry, I'll get us out of here!" he said confidently. He than ran stealthy to the door, and continued to open it silently. He peered round the door, and crept out, and showed to the women to follow him. "Do you now how to shoot these things, no? Well just point and pull the trigger, that's right, no, don't point at me!" he whispered "Women." He thought "Just can't be told these days!" He then continued down the corridor as point, with the women with the gun keeping their back covered. He reached the end and peaked round. He then saw a terrorist standing their, gun raised, looking down the other way of the corridor. It was visible to Duncan that the man was shivering with fear. Duncan brought the gun to his shoulder, smiled, then lowered. "Don't want to give us away," he thought. He then drew his Swiss Army knife, originally a joke from the Swedish Ambassador, the other day, would now prove invaluable. He flipped out the large knife and whispered to the cleaners to wait. He crept to the guard, and before he could turn round he had his hand covering his mouth, the knife deep in his spinal column. There were a few murmuring screams and shaking. He gave the knife a flick upwards and turned. The shaking stopped and the body went limp.

The civil part of Duncan took over, and he flinched away from the corpse. The body hit the ground with a thump. He breathed deeply and wiped his brow, which was covered in an Ice cold sweat but now stained with the enemy's blood as his hand was covered with it. He then noticed the cleaners following him and he examined the body. He found a silenced pistol. Probably for an execution. He smiled again. "Lady luck is with me today, well, a bit of today!" and he laughed quietly to himself. "Take hours to remove the blood from the carpet!" angrily was all the thing the cleaners could say as they crept through the corridor again.

"What's the plan sir?" said George Silver from the 2nd Seals battalion. He yet again looked at the plan of the building. "We have surveyed the building and worked out half of the force are by the doors, and about one man per corridor. We also noticed the President on the move here, and two other people, probably the cleaners. The rest of the hostages are being held here. We will open fire on this door here and throw flash grenades and frag grenades. This will cause heavy confusion giving us time to move in. Somehow we have to get a message to the President to lie low. Any ideas?"
"How about his mobile sir?"
"Tried, at home."
"We could send it to him in Morse, he was a soldier right."
"Thomas, I want to kiss you! Get the heavy speakers and send lie low in Morse now sergeant," he barked "Sir."
"Right, when we get in, your objective is simple. Move and get the President and the other hostages, understood?"
"Sir yes Sir!" chorused all the soldiers at once.
"Good, get ready to go on my signal. General O'Brien will direct you now."

The soldiers to confuse the enemy alarmed the President at first by the loud thumps, then released that it was a noise tactic. "Well done to the scientists, wonder why it's in a rhythm. Reminds me of Morse code."
As normal, it took him a few minutes to realise the meaning. He quickly snug into the room, and hid behind the table with the cleaners His uncontrollable shivers struck again and he started to feel sick.
"What's going to happen?" asked a cleaner, her voice quivering with fear.
"Hell followed by relief, just lie low okay?" he ordered.
"Yes" she replied before Duncan threw up all over the chair.
"On my mark, GO GO GO!!!" shouted O'Brien yelled. The terrorists didn't know what hit them. The doors were blown open, the shrapnel killing a few. Then the grenades were thrown in, bouncing all over the main hall, the men screaming and fleeing in panic, some falling wailing. The explosives went off, the flashes of fear across the terrorist faces, some falling, and some lying still on the fall, others screaming like they were in a horror movie. The survivors stood shocked, to be blown away as the bullets came flying in because of the chain-gun. Men's arms, faces, legs and other body parts were blown away in the fire. Men couldn't clutch their injured body parts because they were instantly killed. The soldiers moved in. They were all well trained but none could really handle the sight in the smoke filled room. Bodies, half blown apart, faces destroyed, quiet groans from the injured, few and far apart. They quickly ran through the corridors killing the terrorists before they could blink, leaving only their body, and limbs still together, with the thoughts of the dead still in their heads. They checked every room, killing the enemy, even if they were holding their hands high in the air, as the soldiers felt no mercy for the scum, which nearly broke the country in half.

President heard the door burst open and jumped open.
A navy seal stared in his face and said
"Sir, please hurry, we don't where the enemy are." in calm voice
"Okay soldier, lead the way!" he said in a light-hearted voice.
As the soldier left he gestured to the women to hurry. He then hurried after, with two soldiers standing behind him, covering.

"Alpha, to All, Alpha to All, Precious cargo as been secured, repeat precious cargo secured. All soldiers please support over!"
"Roger that Alpha, sending all forces on route, except Gamma as they have other hostages secured. Keep on route, secure all side corridors, over."
"Thank you leader, over" he said in a monotone voice.

They continued to run they reached the exit and his most feared moment of the day happened, a wounded terrorist grabbed his leg. Not dangerous but a man with half of a face holding your leg is enough to make you sick. The soldier spotted it, and blew the remainder of his face with one well placed shot, the brain splattering Duncan suit. They then reached the outside. And the three Hostages collapsed in heap, only then realising what they had just gone through.

Duncan woke up, finding himself in the local hospital.
"What just happened?" he asked with a stammer.
"Stay still sir, you've been through a lot. Just relax and sleep sir."

Duncan then shut his eyes, and as he fell asleep and the world went dark around him, he could only see the half face of the man who regretted being greedy.




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