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By: GWRedwall


David Jackson was down. In his right leg he could feel a stinging pain, like a red-hot iron that had been jammed under his skin, where the bullet had entered his leg. All around him, he could here shouts, guns firing, and Nod lasers going off. He had a deep gash across his forehead, where a piece of glass was embedded from the window he had jumped through to get into the house he was now lying in. Suddenly, the house shook. Picture frames, chairs, and other debris started falling down. WHAM! A frame from one of the walls fell down and struck him on the back of his head. Everything went black. David Jackson knew no more for a long while.

Chapter 1

Later, Jackson woke up. The first thing he noticed was an intense throbbing pain on the back of his head, and then a dull pain coming from his right leg, just below the knee. He felt around with his hands, and found some cloth wrapped tight around his forehead. Then he opened his eyes and looked around at his new surroundings.

He was on a sort of low bed, poorly made, in a dirty building with broken windows and debris everywhere. The low light that allowed him to see came from an old lamp, broken in several places. Outside the fighting appeared to have stopped, although he occasionally heard a scream or a gun going off. He struggled to get up, but found it hard. A low groan escaped him.
Then a woman walked in from one of the doorways opposite him. "Don't try to move," she told him. "You've been hurt badly."
"What? Where am I? Who are-" he once again struggled to get up, and once again failed.
"Shh...," she replied, "Try to get some rest. You can worry about that later."
"No, I'm sorry," he told her, still trying to rise himself, "but I have to rejoin my team. We were sent to destroy a small Nod force.. I've got to get back to them.. They need me... Where am I?... What... But.." he rambled on.
"If you must know, you're in Progresso, just north of the Mexican border," she told him.
"Progresso? Yes... Well... I have to go.. Thank you." Still unbelieving the seriousness of his injury, he once again tried to get up.
"Shh... I understand," the woman answered. "Just rest a little while now, and have a drink." She set a glass of water down beside Jackson.
"Yes... Well... Maybe just five minutes... And thank you for the drink.." he replied, taking a drink of the water. "Just... five... minutes... zzzzzzzzzzzz." Jackson had fallen asleep, with the help of a sleeping pill dissolved in water.

Chapter 2

Jackson awoke the next morning to find sunlight streaming in from a broken window. He looked around and got a better look at the home he was in. Besides the broken windows, there was a doorway to the right, and a table in the center of the room. There was an old, patched sofa by the wall on one side, and the lamp that had lit the room the night before sat on a small inn table by the couch.
"Unnhhhh..." he groaned, as the dull pain began to come back to him. He struggled and found he could get up, but just barely. Jackson hobbled through the door, and found himself in a small kitchen. Near the sink was the woman from last night, washing some dishes. She turned at the sound of footsteps, and looked surprised when she saw who it was.
"My my, you are the early bird," she said, and Jackson took in her appearance more now that it was light out. She had a distinctive Spanish accent, and she looked Mexican. She had long black hair that was pushed back behind her. Her clothes were filthy, as almost everything in the house.
Jackson hobbled to the window and looked out. The house was one of many along a road; that is, if it could be called a road anymore. Most places it had been replaced by bare, scorched earth, and the places where the asphalt remained it was so badly twisted and mangled the earth almost looked better. Many houses along the road were in ruins, and others looked ready to fall if there was just a tiny disturbance. A few, like the one he was in, had survived and were just somewhat damaged, with most of the walls and roof intact.
"How did all th-" he started to ask, but then he started to remember the chaotic events of the night before.

Chapter 3

Jackson had been one of ten rifle soldiers of a small team sent to destroy a small Nod force known to inhabit the area. They had searched along for a long while, finding nothing. Finally, they met some civilians who lived in a nearby town. They complained of being terrorized at night by Nod forces, and they told Jackson's team the direction from where the Nod troops always appeared.

Jackson's team followed the directions from the civilians, and soon found the Nod force. It was small- mostly common privates, although there was a buggy and a few rocket soldiers. Jackson, and most of the team, had though it an easy job. Then Nod called for reinforcements.

As it happened, there was a Nod base in the area previously unknown to GDI intelligence. When the Nod troops radioed for reinforcements, they sent them by the barrel full. Soon, Jackson had to contend with cyborgs, buggies, bikes, and even a few soldiers carrying lasers. Jackson and his fellow GDI fighters had tried to fight, but the reinforcements kept coming. For every Nod soldier killed, two more replaced him. Soon, Jackson saws GDI soldier after soldier go down. Then, he had felt a stinging pain in his right leg, just below the knee. He turned and looked to see a Nod soldier reloading, getting ready to finish him off.

That was when Jackson had turned and jumped, face first through a glass window into a building.




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