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Shell after shell fired over distant waves as the battle replayed over and over in Sgt. Grant Schwartz's head. The surprise attack on the military installation on the coast of the Shetland Islands was a brutal one.
Dreadnought class battleships pounded the shoreline defences while support ships kept British naval forces at bay. By the time reinforcements arrived, the islands were devastated, and all but a few of the British ships were lying on the bottom of the ocean in tiny pieces.
It was no surprise that the soviets did not occupy the islands - the allies had an overwhelming navy standing by. This attack, however, was the third of a series of hit-and-run operations, mainly targeting allied airfields.

Schwartz was aboard the U.S.S. Firefly, part of a reinforcement package sent to Britain from the USA. He was an eyewitness of the humiliating defeat suffered at the islands.
He was angry.
He was frustrated.
He was ashamed.

Schwartz vowed never to let this happen again. Thousands of men died that day, along with over 20 ships.
But no more.

The very next month, he founded the Neptune Naval Research Foundation, dedicated to saving the lives of future sailors.
After five years of research, the foundation discovered that 85% of the people that died on naval ships in the last 20 years, died because they drowned. Grant Schwartz concluded that if a boat couldn't sink, then the sailors would be fine, and could safely charge their opponents with pointed sticks as a last resort.

63 different blueprints, 8000 TV dinners, and 6 rolls of duct tape later, they solved the problem. They created a ship that was impossible to sink, with 2300 ducks plastered onto the hull. It was the U.S.S. Dukkyspawn, and it would revolutionize naval warfare.

Two weeks later, it sunk in a freak fishing accident.




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