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By: Sarge790

The crack squad of 10 commandos started to slow the walk to a quiet crawl as they approached the Russian camp. The last thing they wanted was to blow their cover while so close to the camp. The Captain gave the signal to the rest of the squad to halt. He silently moved the bush in front of him away, so he could see the base more clearly. What he was a fortification, normally only given to the most important and permanent of bases. The base was around 1sq mile, surrounded by concrete walls about the height of a house. As far as he could tell, their was only 1 entrance into the base and that was from the South side. There were also around 4 watchtowers with spot lights on each wall. Even if they had the firepower to break the wall, they were unlikely to live, and the gate was suicidal to try and break. They had to decided on a new plan. The Captain slowly put the bush back into place.

"Okay men, this place is more heavily defended then thought. It looks as if we will have to abort the mission, unless they want a massacre. Pass me the Radio O'Brien.

"Papa Bear, this is Goldielocks, looks like Mama Bear is watching the porridge, over."
"Papa Bear to Goldielocks. Get past Mama Bear at all costs. This is the most important mission for 6 years. Do it. If you don't, we will all be shot!"
"Roger Papa Bear, Goldielocks off to bed." the Captain said with a tone of desperation.
"Looks like we have to continue. Meelhan, get the ropes ready. Looks like we will have to climb over the top. Now lets go over the new plan..."

"Now remember, keep silent at all times. When you have planted your packages, get back here. Grey and McDougall will cover the ropes and stop the enemy discovering our position When we get over, run like hell to the LZ where your lift home will be. Understand?" the Captain whispered. The rest of the squad nodded. The Captain gave the signal and they started to climb over the wall to meet destiny. If all went to plan, they should all get back, otherwise someone will be writing to their next of kin about their death. He hoped he wouldn't be next. He grabbed hold of his rope and started to climb up. It took him about 2 minutes, mainly as their was little to have his feet to hold on. He then climbed down on the other side, his hands red with rope burn.

He felt that someone was watching him, yet he saw nobody. He then started to jog to his RP (route point) which was inside the barracks. He reached the barracks with no problem. He chose this building as it was the hardest because of the large amount of men their. He slowly opened the door and crept in. He drew his 6" knife, its metal a low grey dull in the starlight. He then went to the first bed, put his hand over the man's mouth and pressed the knife on his throat and cut. The low crack of the windpipe breaking told him he had done it correctly. He repeated it for every man. He felt a slight guilt for killing these men with out them being able to resist, but then he remembered that if they were in his shoes, they wouldn't thing twice about it. He then went to a locker and hid his package under some clothing. Suddenly he heard a gun shot, audible in the quiet night like thousands of thunder claps at once. He then knew that he had a matter of minutes to get out, the gunfire now constant and fully automatic. As he reached the door a man darted in.

Without thinking, he threw the knife at the man, the blade flying into his eye, causing the man to gasp before collapsing on the floor, the knife blade now deep in his brain. He drew his blade, put it away and ran. His collected the mans weapon, so he could save ammo. He then ran the 500m to the ropes, firing shots off the hip at the enemy he saw, hitting them in the leg, arms, head or torsos causing the men to scream in agony or collapse silently clutching the place they had been hit. He reached the ropes, to find the rest of his squad climbing them, bullets smashing into the concrete near them. Seeing this he gave covering fire, firing at every light of fire he saw, not caring if he hit the person, as long as they stopped firing.

"Come on sir! Come on!" O'brien shouted laying down covering fire with three others. He took his chance and jumped onto the rope and pulled him up faster than he had every done a rope climb. He reached the top, fired a few more shots, and jumped down, rolling when he landed to avoid breaking any bones. Even though, he still heard a crack and a sharp pain in his ankle. He then was lifted on to men shoulders and carried to the wood, then to the LZ, with the other 4 men catching up with them. They got on the chopper and took off flying fast and low, to avoid S.A.Ms. He started to fall into a heavy sleep, as the explosions from the base were just audible over the constant sound of the helicopters engine and rotor blades, and with knowledge 3 of his best men and friends had died or been captured. He hoped it wasn't the latter.




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