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By: Sarge790

Chapter 4: First Blood

"Welcome Smith" said the forward base commander. "We haven't got long, so if you would all like to sit down."
Smith and his squad sat down on the hard wooden chairs. Most of them were now dressed in heavy winter gear, and were rubbing their hands to warm them up. They decor in the room was limited to a some pictures of the men from the camp, and their families. There was one little rose in the corner, which had whittled because nobody remembered to water it.

"Right men, I'm Colonel Sharpe, and we haven't got long."
He then pushed a button on a hand held device, and a map appeared on the wall
"Right, at the moment we are here." as he said this he pointed a laser pen at a place on the wall. We believe that Einstein is being held in this mountain area, here" again pointing at a place on the wall. He then clicked the projector button.
"Latest satellite photos show a few guards towers, some patrols and a pathetic wire fence. This should be a simple in, and out operation. To assist you, we will be leading a diversion attack from the north, while you enter from the south. Do not enter the area, till the go-code is announced. The code is "Bluebells", I repeat, Bluebells. Any questions?"

"Err, yeah, just one, what building is he in?" asked McDougall.
"At the moment, you would be more successful asking the Russians themselves. Anymore questions?" replied Shapre.
No body answered.
"Good, now we move out in three hours. Meet you all at B block. Now move out and get psyched. Rangers HO!"
Only the one grunt replied, obviously the only Ranger there. This brought a few questions to Smiths mind. He hadn't learnt a lot about these grunts, so he decided to ask.
"Heh, you guys!" he yelled down, the corridor. A few heads turned around.
"Only you four squadies please, can you see me in my quarters now."
"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!" some men shouted.
"Leave it out you lot, or you'll be on Latrine duty till next Christmas!" yelled Smith.
Smith sat down in his quarters, and waited. Suddenly a sharp knock shook the room.
"Enter" said Smith.
The four men came in, got in a line and saluted the general Allied salute, which had been accepted as the American salute, as the majority of the forces where American.
"You aren't in trouble, I just want to know a bit more about you. For example, you're unit, and names. You start." pointing at the man on the left.

"The names Goodheart, Will. I'm from NY, Manhattan. Joined up two years before the war. First mission with the 106th Paras acting as peace force Gamma in Poland, before being called up into Delta Force. The rest is classified." he said in a strong American-Italian accent.
"Okay, and you." Smith asked the next man.
"Thomas Makey, from Texas. Was in the infantry for a few years, before my skills were recognised and put in the C.I.A, but I requested to be sent back. I've been there ever since." he said, Smith only just understanding what he said, because of his very strong Southern accent.
"Okay, next." and so the pattern went on, till he had questioned them all. The others were Bill Newby, from the Rangers, and Jack Ryan from the S.A.S.


" 30 seconds!" came the voice over the intercom. " Remember, you get out and hide, and wait for that go-code, other wise, we're all screwed."
Smith got out his cigar, bit off the end and chewed it before spitting it out.

"10 SECONDS! LOCK AND LOAD!" came the final call.
Suddenly a blast of cold air rushed through the rear doors. He and his squad and pegged it off the A.P.C and legged it into cover. As soon as he got off, he knew it was bad. Machine gun fire was audible and explosion were close.
"DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!!" yelled a soldier over the radio. " This blonde bombshell, we are taking serious crap over here. We can't move any......." as the radio messaged ended, a blast was ringing in his ears.
Smith peered over the snow bank, saw a Dog charging towards him. He cocked his M16 MKII, selected burst, aimed and fired. The shots worked to optimal effect, making the dog's head disintegrate.
The battle had begun.




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