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By: Sarge790

Chapter 1: Discovery

"Enter." said Captain Andrew Smith, in a tired voice as he was still doing paperwork since he got back two hours ago. The private entered saluted and came to attention.
"Yes?" asked Smith.
"The General wants to see you now sir." he said in a voice only a trained soldier has.
"Okay, thank you private" he replied. The private saluted and left, closing the door silently behind him. Smith rubbed his eyes, got up and headed out of the door to the General's office.

He knocked then thought about why he could be there before he went in. Maybe he had won a medal from the last mission, or he was getting a promotion, or is squad could be moving somewhere. It was most likely to be for him to choose the next three soldiers to fill the gaps from the men who had died.
"Enter!" the General shouted.
Andrew came in, saluted and sat down in the warm comfy leather chair. He nearly sighed with pleasure, as he had being sitting in a hard wooden chair all afternoon.
"I heard that operation Eternal Promise was a success. Well done Andrew." complimented the General.

"Thank you sir, but the reason you called me?" he queried.
"Ah, yes, always to the point aren't you Andrew. Well since you asked, we have a problem. It seems the reds have something we need. Badly. They have captured Einstein. It seems that if we don't release all of the Russian prisoners we have captured, and give them the secret of the Chronosphere, they will kill him. We have 2 weeks to comply, or Einstein's mind will be no more."

"Sorry to ask, but why don't they just get the info from Einstein about the Chronosphere, I thought he invented it."
"Andrew, he did, but with the help of others so he doesn't know how to make it from scratch. As I was saying. Luckily for him, we managed to track the message. It came from the Himalayas, a few miles from Everest. We didn't track it fully as we only had a few seconds but we have located it within a few dozen sq. miles. Now we have to send someone to rescue him, because as you know, kidnappers have the one golden rule. Don't let the hostage survive, for simple the simple reason that he can identify them later on."
"Sorry, but this isn't some tacky Mafia thing. This a nation so powerful, it is holding out against the rest of the world. Some how, I don't think they would be afraid if he was released."
"Yes, but we don't know that and it's better to be safe than sorry. The reds probably won't be bothered to send him to a drop off point. Anyway, to the mission, we can only send one chopper, to this point here, other wise the Russians will destroy you and kill Einstein." the general then started to point to the map on the table. "You will be around 60 miles from the square where we believe Einstein is. When you get there your team will move in and get Einstein. As we don't now his exact location, you will have to come up with a plan. That's why we chose you Andrew. You show a lot of initiative and we need that for this mission. The chopper can only take 20 people, so you have at max. a squad size of nineteen. I presume you want to use your men. So that's seven men there. Now, who do you want for the next 12 men in the squad?"

"I can have anyone?" Andrew said in a questioning voice
"Fine. I would like to have the best sniper you have. The best spy. Two Chrono Legionnaires, preferably the best. Four expert grunts. A hostage situation expert. A rockateer and of course, Tanya."
"Right so you want them. I'll get on it. You'll leave at 18:00hrs tommorw with the rest of this squad and you will arrive at the LZ at around 08:00hrs the next day. Understand?"
"Yes sir." he said, in a slighlty frightened tone of voice. He knew if he failed, he would go down in history as the soldier who was responsible for the death of Einstein .
"Oh Andrew." the general shouted as Smith reached the door.
"Don't tell anyone but the rest of your squad. If the Russians find out..."
"Yes I know."
"Good, now get going. You have a lot to do. Dismissed."

Andrew returned to his quarters at haste and explained what he had just heard to the rest of his men, knowing the future of the war was on the line, depending how the mission went.




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