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By: Sarge790

Chapter 5: Hope and Glory

"Let's do this thing!" yelled Smith cocking his M16 with a new magazine. He then brought the weapon to his shoulder and advanced to the door. The door they had seen Einstein run into. The rest of the squad entered through windows, by smashing them with the butt of their rifles. Smith went through the open door, and as he did, hundred of rounds thudded into the door. Only his lighting reflexes stop him suffering a direct hit, but his arm was covered in splinters from the shattered wood. He didn't think about the pain. Instead he got a grenade, pulled the pin, and placed it by the door, before legging it behind a sand bag wall. The door exploded with a extremely loud bang, the sound reflected off the hard wooded door, and microseconds after his brain had recognised it came the screams of wounded men, the splinters from the door being as deadly as nail bomb. However, to be on the safe side, he threw another grenade. The sounds this time were bangs, and the silence. No screams. No whimpers. No groans. He then entered the building.

He gave the order "Search every room. If you have searched a room, place a marker of some sort, over".
"Roger" came the replies, scattered so it sounded more like "RogRgerogoer". Smith's first door looked like it could be some sort of laboratory, but before he entered the radio crackled.
"Smith here"
"Smith, this is G.H.Q, I'm afraid all our forces have been forced to retreat. Intelligence has failed us. This is a class 2 base, not 4. I'm sorry. If you can, try and find a way out. Good luck. Over and out." Came the rough male voice, and before Smith could answer the radio went dead.
Smith cursed. He couldn't believe his own side would just leave them to their own devices.
"Tanya, Jack, are you receiving me?" asked Smith.
"Affirmative" came the reply.
"Change of plan. Get back to our position A.S.AP, before the Russians find out.
"Roger" came a calm reply again.
During this conversation, Smith and heard dozens of rounds go off, and screams of dying men. He came back to his senses after thinking about what just happened, and entered the lab.

As he entered he checked the room, very quickly for threats. There appeared to be none, except for a lone scientist whimpering in the corner. Smith went up to him, checked him, before knocking him out with a quick smack to the side of the head with the butt of the rifle. There was a loud crunch at the same time, and blood and bone flew everywhere.
"Oops" he said, after noting he had hit the man far to hard causing massive damage to the skull. Thinking, he double tapped the man, to make sure he died in no pain, he case he woke up. He didn't want a man in horrendous pain on his mind as he walked around.

He saw another door and went to check it. He unclipped a flash-bang, opened the door slightly and let fly. He looked away as the blinding flash was realised. There was nothing he could do about the sound. As soon as the deafening bang was heard, he rushed into the room as silent as the night. There was one Russian guard holding his eyes and rubbing them, and a man wearing a white coat doing the same. He didn't think. He fired a round straight into the guard's face. He fell to the ground still rubbing his eyes. Smith was used to this, like a some chickens run around when there heads have been cut off, some people still have some actions continuing even when there as dead as a stone. Smith still, even though he had seen it a dozen times, he still had to watch.

"Excuse me sir, but I think we should be getting out of here," said the man in white.
"Einstein?" Smith said as he came to his senses.
The old man chuckled. "Yes, yes I am. Now, how are we supposed to be getting out of here?"
"Ah, well, the problem is sir..." He started...




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