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By: Sarge790

Chapter 5: Incarnation

"What the bloody hell has happened?" Smith yelled, with hint of fear.
"This is Blonde Bombshell, 2nd wave, this is not a minor base. Intel got it wrong. There are hoards of men and tanks. I advise that you advance with EXTREME caution!" came the reply.
"Can you give massive covering fire, like shelling on the men near us. The A.P.Cs trying, but he can only pin a group down at a time."
"We'll try."
Suddenly a rocket flew past and smashed into the A.P.C making it fly in to a ball of fire and twisted metal.
"Damn!" Smith cursed. "The A.P.C.s out. We need assistance, and a new evac vehicle, now!"
"Roger, Chinook in coming. Chronosphereing additional reinforcements to group Blonde Bombshell." Command said in an orderly tone.
Then, whizzing was heard. the sign of shelling, followed by the imminent bang.
"What do we do sir?" McDougall screamed.
"Right, grunts, Tanya, follow me, everyone else, give us covering fire. Okay?"
"Sir" came the reply.
"Okay, on my mark.... GO!!!!!!" Smith yelled.

As Smith jump over the mound of dirt, he saw the full effect of the battle. There was the dog, now cold and stiff, surrounded by red snow. There were shell holes all over the place, and scattered limbs, limp bodies, razor wire, and black smoke filling the sky. He looked around as he charged towards the building. Some of them were on fire, and the smell of burning metal, wood, ammo, and flesh would make an amateur faint. However, Smith hardly noticed this. He was focused on the first building, closet to him. Suddenly he saw a man run out, and turn to face him. The fear on the man's face was obvious, but Smith didn't care. Firing from hip, he sprayed three bullets into the man's torso. The man yelped like a frighten dog, before collapsing in heap. Smith ran over his body, and entered the building.

As he entered, his eyes quickly adjusted to the little light. Tanya and the other men followed quickly. He gave a few hand gestures, which roughly translates as:
"Cover me, you others, go in that room."
The building was a small one, with only to other rooms. These rooms where offices for the men in command and their secretaries. He gave a countdown, and swung the door open. Jack ran in, and then came out.
"Clear" he whispered.
Suddenly, pistol rounds rung audible through the building, even though the gunfire outside could drown the screams of a dying mean, which it most likely did. They ran over but found the man dead. By the markings, it was a colonel. Now one from there said had been hit.
"Okay, lets keep checking them." Smith said.

They continued checking the buildings till they got to the fourth one. The diversionary attack were now making a fighting retreat. They had very little time to find Einstein. As he got to the fourth one, he saw Einstein being hurried out by two Russian guards. They saw the group. Tanya fired, along with Smith, their accuracy deadly. Sadly, they both aimed for the same man, giving the other time to fire. He didn't hesitate. He fired, and Jack fell, clutching his stomach. Tanya quickly redid her aim, and fired two .45 bullets into his head. He was dead before he hit the floor.

"Crap!" said Smith. "How are you Jack?"
Jack spluttered, blood coming out of his mouth. "Leave me sir. I'll make it back on my own."
"You, go with him." Tanya nodded, and helped him to his feet, and started taking him back.
"Einstein is in here. We'll find, and get him out, alive."
As he said this, the Sniper said
"I've got my spot, I'll cover your exit. Oh by the way, I tried to stop them, but there to stupid to listen. Looks like there looking for a fight!"
As he said this the rest of his squad. His friends. His comrades came out of the shadows, like the rebirth of hope, Smith smiled. His time had come.




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