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By: Raving

Chapter 1 - Introduction

My name is Lt. Commander Strafort. Is it my real name? No. I am a GDI spy who infiltrated Nod. My mission is to reach the highest command. Why? Because we are losing the war this time. It has been three years since my mission began. Any contact to GDI? No absolutely not! Nobody knows of my true past except for GDI general Preston. But recently I have heard, "stories" about him. They all come down to the fact that he is a Nod spy. But I don't act on them. I have been "involved" in many battles, many of which I have won at the cost of my true friends. I have been concerned with the fact that Nod is interrogating it's staff. I am soon to follow and I fear that my true identity will be revealed.

Chapter 2 - Interrogation

"Name and rank?" "Lt. Commander Strafort." "Have you ever been unfaithfull to Nod?" "No" "Again, have you ever been unfaithfull to Nod?" "No" "Have you ever considered defecting?" "No" "Have you ever thought of how it would be to be a GDI soldier?" "Yes" "When?" "When I killed GDI soldiers" "Did you feel remorse for killing them?" "No" "I don't believe that!" "Believe what you want, I have never felt remorse for killing GDI scum!" "Do you honor Kane?" "To my death and beyond." "Would you defect in order to save your live?" "No!" "Did you ever let a GDI soldier live?" "Yes" "Why?" "To let him lead me to his base." "Was that the slaughter of Dacare?" "Yes" "Impressive" "I did what I was told." "And that was?" "To kill as many GDI soldiers as possible" "Do you know why we are interrogating you?" "Yes" "Why?" "Because there are suspicions against me" "Are they true?" "No" "When did you decide to become a Nod soldier?" "When my family was killed by GDI scum"
- 2 hours later -
"Five fifteen, interrogation ends"

Chapter 3 - Test of loyalty

"Since we are not fully convinced of your loyalty we will asign you on a mission which should proof if you are loyal or not." "Your objective is to destroy a small GDI outpost. If you succeed you are considered loyal if not, you will die."
"I will not fail" "The high command has given me a mission to destroy a small GDI outpost. I am overcome by different feelings and am not sure what I should do." "But, I shall have to obey for now, the success of GDI depends on it."
"I am preparing myself for the oncoming test." "I do not think I will fail, even though my feelings are mostly against the idea of killing my own people." "You ready?" "Yes Sir!" "My general, an idiot who thinks he's the smartest."
"I am dropped of 30 miles south of the base which I have to destroy." "I still have doubts about it, somehow, something tells me it's a setup." "Although I have no proof for this, I will be more carefull."

Chapter 4 - Attack

"I am now 10 miles east of the GDI outpost, I had to go here because the southside is heavily guarded." "Wait.. I see something, I have to move, there's something coming." "I have managed to hide myself from GDI troops, but it will be minutes before I can do anything again, somehow they've decided to increase security." "I think I will fail this mission." "No I cannot think like that I am a Nod soldier!"
"No, that's not true, I am a GDI spy." "I fear that my time as a Nod soldier is altering my thought's bit by bit." "I can move from this spot to another, they've stopped patroling for a while, I will have to move to the north." "That's were they have stored their fuel tanks." "Destroying them will lead to a little bit of chaos among them, that might just give me the benefit I need." "But to be on the safe side I'll place some C4 charges here."

"I am at the north side and ready to place the C4 charges on their fuel tanks." "I will have to hurry though, in ten minutes a group of soldiers will patrol this area." "If they would catch me it's over." "Funny, a part of me hopes to be captured, yet another part of me want to succeed." "There, I have placed the charges and am on my way back to a northern hideout I spotted earlier."
"I am in the hideout and am ready to blow up the charges." "I have come up with a way to minimize casualties, I will blow up the C4 I've placed on the eastern side of the base first." "Then I will blow up the charges on the fuel tanks." "I hope there will be no casualties, God forgive me." "Sound the alert, we have an explosion to the east of the base!" "Blowing up the eastern charge first worked, they are moving at least 30 men to the eastern side." "Now I will have to blow up the charges on the fuel tanks." "Alert, alert, we have an explosion in the base." "Look at them, they're all in chaos, maybe a PyroxyD8 will do the trick." -A PyroxyD8 is a "firebomb", when it explodes it spreads a sea of fire within a 500 meter radius-
"I'm throwing it... No what am I doing?" "I am not supposed to do that, they are my people." "Nooooooo" "I am responsible for the destruction of a GDI outpost." "This isn't what I wanted." "Noooooo"

Chapter 5 - The difference

"It has been ten days since the destruction of that outpost and I can not say that I am recovered from the shock." "I have tried to act as natural as possible, but I think people know something, they have treated me differently since my return from the mission." "I think that they know, I have been passed for several big battles, even though I have been promoted to field general." "I do not believe I will see the end of the year." "It is lunch time." "We have a big lunchroom with more space then we can fill." "Everybody sits as far away from me as they can, I know they know, but do they know that?" "I have requested a "conversation" with the general but, so far he has ignored me." "I fear that I will go crazy if I don't have a decent conversation within the next week."

Chapter 6 - Revelation

"I am not sure of my state of mind, I think I'm going crazy." "I saw GDI general Preston." "I tried to follow him, but I was stopped by guards, when I asked them who he was they said nothing." "Nobody has said anything to me the last few days." "I think I will return to GDI, maybe I have a chance there." "No, they would hang me upon sight!." "I have been taken to a medical room almost every day." "I fear that they are experimenting on me with tiberium." "Lately I have been getting visions about the future. Don't ask me why, cause I don't know."
"It has been three hours since my last "vision". It let me see something which I still don't understand." "Maybe I will in the near future."
"I know what it ment." "I saw GDI general Preston in a Nod uniform!" "He is a spy for Nod, and since his return I haven't got any important tasks." "I must flee in order to survive!"

Chapter 7 - Escape

"I have figured out how to escape from Nod." "I will escape during a training." "I will succeed!"
"We are training in a mountainous region." "There are many caves here so escaping should be easy." "It is time, now that nobody is paying attention to me."
"I have hid myself in a cave for some hours now." "I think they aren't searching for me anymore." "I think I am a free man." "Wait I hear something, a collapse!" "The entrance to the cave has collapsed!" "I am trapped." "No I'm not trapped, I think there's another entrance at the back of the cave." "Yes here it is." "thank you God." "I will run towards the river and cross it, on the other side is a small rebel outpost." "They don't belong to Nod or GDI." "They will accept me."
"I am near the river, I had to stop, there are Nod patrols here." "I will have to wait untill it's dark." "It is dark, I can cross the river safely now." "I am on the other side of the river, three miles south of the outpost." "I still have to be careful though, Nod will shoot anything moving on either side of the river."

Chapter 8 - Acceptance

"I am here, by the outpost." "STOP! Who goes there?" "My name is Strafort." "What do you want?" "I wish to join the rebels!" "Why?" "I was a GDI spy who infiltrated Nod and Nod knows that." "So why don't you return to GDI?" "Only two people know off my true past, myself and a general who turned out to be a Nod spy." "How can we know this is true?" "You'll have to take my word for it." "Seems like that isn't worth anything!" "Please! help me." "Very well, you may enter."
"I am inside the rebel's outpost, they have accepted me." "I had a vision again, the destruction of a base, but I do not know which."
"Sound the alert, an incoming missile!"
"This is the base from my vision, my end is here and now." "So this is my destiny, I say farewell to this world..."




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