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Chapter 1 - The Last Base

This is the last base, the only GDI base left on the de-militarised zone between GDI and NOD territory. Every other base was suddenly destroyed by unknown causes, we think NOD is to blame. After the loss of these bases, GDI Supreme Command decided, enough is enough, the base must be made secure, so we do not lose ground to NOD. Experimental firestorm defence was installed, Vulcan cannons at every entrance point, along with RPGs, light posts were made to sweep the base, every structure was protected by a concrete wall to prevent capture. SAMs have been placed throughout the base to take out the new NOD banshees, and rendering their harpies obsolete. We have pavement on the ground, titans and wolverines on guard, patrolling, prepared for any attack. The base is receiving reinforcements every day to keep the base secure, but today, our convoy did not arrive.

Chapter 2 - The Prime Strike

Scout teams were sent along the route of the convoy, they didn't report back, or send a mayday, we are worried. Today, the first blow came, an attack of banshees soared through the sky, SAMs activated and fired, taking some out, the prototype wall was activated, and they flew into it... All of the went down except for 1, which got through before the wall activated. The aircraft fired. Plasma shots took out 1 of our SAM sites, few losses for us, but a major loss of resources for them.

Chapter 3 - Enemy Engaged

After this attack went awry, NOD went for a less discrete way of penetrating the base, during the night, a single commando infiltrated the base, before he could get to any important structures, one of our snipers got him in the back. Now that NOD realised we were a force to be matched, we could start getting any repairs underway. Before this could happen, armies of cyborgs, artillery, tick tanks, and out-dated mammoth tanks entered our line of site, we had engaged the enemy......

Chapter 4 - The Armies Of Darkness

Our firestorm wall activated, it was becoming useful now, we armed our stations and prepared for war. They deployed, launching barrages of shells, titans went out and dealt with the situation, but were ambushed by cyborgs, most were taken out, but we suffered heavy casualties, the artilleries were fired upon, but they retreated, so did we. The battle ravaged on into the night, with our wall staying on until it de-activated. It recharged before anything was taken out, but finally, we made our biggest mistake.

Chapter 5 - Problems Arise

An attack of ORCA bombers was prepared to take out all remaining NOD forces, aircraft flying into the wall would be destroyed, so the wall had to temporarily disengaged to let them fly past. These 10 seconds in which the wall was down allowed large barrages of artillery shells to hit the base. Heavy casualties came in and an RPG tower was taken out. The ORCAs got past and eliminated all NOD, the battle was won. This attack severely damaged some power plants, so engineering teams were sent in, the damage was too extensive on some reactors, causing problems. Repair teams would have to be brought in to fix them, but convoys have been destroyed trying to reach the base. We had to defend them from attack; it was the only way to regain our main power.

Chapter 6 - The Convoy Ambush

A squad of our finest disrupters, titans, wolverines, and infantry were sent out to protect this convoy. The convoy got quite close to the base, but NOD's attack struck us, we retaliated and brought their front line down with few losses. The next line was stronger, but was eliminated, with loss of all wolverines. Cyborgs crossed over a nearby hill, and the disrupters were sent to counter them. They took them out quite easily, but a lot of units were destroyed because of accidental friendly fire. We were lucky here, but not the next time. NOD launched another load of troops over the hill, rocketeers and some infantry who we had never seen before since the 1st Tiberium War. Chem Spray Warriors, in the 1st war, these guys could take out battalions of infantry with a single shot, and contaminate tanks. They also had a weakness, when 1 was killed; it could cause a chain reaction releasing harmful gases. The light infantry were used, but eliminated instantly, we lost all but a few titans and with almost no losses for NOD, our disrupters were modified though, the crystals could all charge and fire at the same point simultaneously, creating a shock wave through the ground. This attack killed 1 Chem Warrior, which set off the rest, 1 convoy truck filled with weapons and ammo was destroyed taking a few disrupters with it. We had won, barely; we could now get to the base and repair the damage caused in the last battle.

Chapter 7 - An Unexpected Turn Of Events

We returned to the base, a victory was won for us, but the base we returned to was not the one we left, there were large gaps in the firestorm wall, a large crater in the ground, and no war factory in the base. Most of our Vulcan cannons had been destroyed, and the base was a wreck. We rushed in as quickly as possible, and an urgent transmission had been sent to the base, with no one to receive it. Once the message was read, we realised what had happened, mutants. They had declared war on GDI and NOD, and were now plundering bases on the DMZ, they had entered the base before the transmission was received. We were now in a sticky situation. With both NOD and the mutants against us, we would have a large struggle on our hands.

Chapter 8 - A Stroke Of Luck

We sent a mayday to GDI supreme command and they responded by sending in troops via drop pod engineering teams and most importantly TWO Mammoth MKII's. This was originally hard because they were expensive and the components were hard to get hold of. News of imminent NOD attack forced the engineers into overdrive working harder to bring the wall online along with the power supply. This was accomplished 2 days before the incoming attack. The morning sun, along with plenty of reinforcements arrived too, which cheered up all troops in the base, 2 good views to watch, but this was soon gone from harpies coming in to attack.

Chapter 9 - The Final Battle

The reinforcements became confused and so did the base, the attack was 2 days early, all our forces manned their stations, armed the guns and prepared to kill any NOD terrorist ideas. The wall was activated and the bulk of NOD forces arrived, they surrounded our base and even some flame tanks poked their snouts up at our firestorm wall. Artillery deployed, banshees circled the base, and the enemy prepared a siege. Our RPG towers launched explosive grenades at the enemy and brought down the first row of cyborgs, NOD artillery launched barrage after barrage of shells but with no success. A chemical missile came flying through the air and we assumed it would dissolve in the wall. It didn't. It came down right on top of the construction yard, instantly destroying it and leaving no survivors. "Move Out! Move Out!" a soldier was shouting, mainly at the gases, but also because visceroids were in the base trying to destroy any units.

Titans came back from the front line to eliminate them. We didn't lose much there. Disrupters came out towards the enemy attack, but when they were way towards the enemy, many Subterranean APCs came out from the ground and kept unloading troops. The disrupters fired randomly, heavy casualties arose, and they were destroyed, but out of wreckage, came a cyborg commando. Its plasma pulses destroyed the nearby units and heavily damaged others. They concentrated fire on it until it was destroyed. The battle went long into the night, but at 1:00 in the morning, the wall stopped. Shells came in, destroyed the defenses, and banshees came through. Our ORCAs went to eliminate the artillery, but an ion storm started without warning and all flying objects crashed down into the base with a loud bang. Our base went offline. A bolt of lightning hit our power plant. We were helpless. All the enemy units converged and came into the base, they took out the buildings 1 by 1, with help from the lightning. The storm stopped, and one of the few remaining buildings, the tech centre, sent out the last mayday to be sent by this base. GDI supreme command received this disappointingly. "We need reinforcements. The base is under attack. I repeat, we need reinforceme"...




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