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By: Raving

There were some... troubles..., which I had to take care off. They dropped me off about ten kilometres from the base. This base was the main complex in this sector. I think I did something wrong cause I was caught.

After being dropped off I proceeded to my first target, a small fuel depot about two miles outside the base. Easy, I thought. I walked over to the depot and placed some C4 charges, which should do it. I proceeded towards my second target, a barn that was used to store spare parts. I think that's where it went wrong. I almost triggered an alarm and accidentally stepped on a pressure mine. Luckily I heard the click and didn't move, if I have moved I would be dead. I saw a rock lying in close proximity to my position, I was able to get it. I slowly replaced my foot with the rock and with a lot of luck the mine didn't go off.

I proceeded to the barn and saw that it was heavily guarded. I knew that I had to use stealth. A gun with a silencer was my first thought, but it was so quiet here that it would be head most definitely. I decided to use a combat knife. I slowly walked around some obstacles and sneaked up to a guard, I quickly put one hand over his mouth and slid his throat with my knife, instant death. I moved the body to a dark spot in which it wouldn't be seen easily. I proceeded to another guard and succeeded in killing him too. I got a little bit too confident I guess because I tried to kill a guard who stood next to another guard. I slid his throat and the second guard shot me in the arm before I could kill him too. I was bleeding heavily and even with bandage it kept on bleeding.

I tried to move the bodies as fast as I could and when I moved the second body I heard some guards screaming that they had found blood. I knew I was in trouble. Then I heard them screaming again, they had found the bodies, I had to get out of there. I placed some more C4 charges and when I got to my third target a guard caught me, I was in big trouble. The guard aimed his gun and called out to the others, within minutes there were eight guards surrounding me. Now I was in real big trouble. They took me to an underground bunker and interrogated me for a while. They left me there, I don't know why but I was glad about it. I took the remote detonator and pressed the button, outside were some explosions and within the underground complex a huge explosion knocked out some walls. The roof above me collapsed but I could dodge it fast enough. I now had a way out and escaped.

I saw a lot of guards putting out the fires, the whole base was a mess. I saw a tank standing in the middle of the base, this was my ticket out. I sneaked up to the tank and got myself into it. Unfortunately someone saw me, I quickly fired a shell upon him and an immense explosion killed him. That's when I realized that I could use the tank to destroy the base. I did so. Within a few minutes the entire base was levelled to the ground and no guard was alive. Yet somehow I had missed a guard, he climbed up the tank and threw a grenade in it. I tried to get out and when I was almost out the grenade exploded, I lost my legs. The guard pointed a gun at my head and when he almost pulled the trigger I could hear a gunshot, then everything went black.

Two years later and I still can't open my eyes, I think I'm in a coma. Just my luck.




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