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By: Raving

I had gotten my first nightwatch assignment, I was to patrol around the base watching the perimeter. My shift started at ten o'clock in the evening and I had been ready since nine in the evening. My shift would end at six in the morning but it didn't, I'll tell you why.

I reported to my senior officer who gave me my task instructions for the night. I headed towards the southern wall where I would team up with two other soldiers from Alpha squad. These guys were more trained than I am and there would probably be no way of impressing them.
There was a tradition between the soldiers that you could only talk to soldiers who were in a lower squad or to the soldiers in the squad that was above you. You would only speak to Alpha members if you were spoken to by one of them. Luckily, nobody really took these traditions seriously and we would talk freely to each other. After about an hour of patrolling we came to our starting position, don't forget our base was huge.

When we were at the eastern point of the southern wall we heard a sound and took defensive positions. An Alpha informed a tower guard and he turned on a searchlight. The light shined across the southern perimeter but we could see nothing, it probably was a small creature. We continued our patrol and after 34 minutes we reached the northern wall. We heard gunshots coming from the south but we were ordered to continue our patrol and so we did. After another half an hour we reached the southern wall again and somebody started to fire at us.

We hid ourselves behind the wall and proceeded to a more secure spot along the wall where we would fight back. After ten minutes we had finally killed the person who was responsible. It was a Soviet soldier from a base not far from here. A group of Alpha's moved out the base to take the body of the dead soldier inside. They headed back to the gate when they were fired upon. They ran as quickly as they could and when they got into the base they lay the body besides the wall. They proceeded to the top of the wall and fired back when all of a sudden a huge explosion knocked out the southern gate and killed the Alpha's. It's now twelve hours later and I still am awake, fighting the enemy.




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