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By: Sarge790

Chapter 7: There's No Place Like Home

"Ah, well, the problem is sir..." he started, "Is that our escape has been destroyed, and there is a lot of angry Russians out there. H.Q are gunna try and get some Evac, but this base is to strong for its small forces, of which most have been destroyed already." He finished with a downward sigh.

Einstein however just started to chuckle again.
"What's so funny?" asked Smith slightly irate.
"Vell, you see, the Russians have used me in some experiments which their scientists have been working on for years. It was the personal teleport device. Their idea was good, but they just didn't understand the advance part of movement of atoms. You see, there were trying to..."
"Okay okay, I don't need to no that, just how to get out!" shouted Smith.
"Very well" said Einstein hurt. " We had made a prototype sender for this device, i.e. we can send someone, somewhere, but no receiver. However, if you type in a grid reference, it will send you there, however we have tested it, even on a receiver. We can't even calculate the risks without one test!"
"Well," said Smith "It's the best change we've got to getting out of here." He said matter of factly.
"Everyone who can hear, minus Tanya, Jack and Johnson go back to the main hall, enter the labs, and then find a door which leads to me. The other three, go back to the main base in this area, and try and help them in any way possible. Do you understand?" he ordered.

Over the radio came a scattered of Yes Sirs, Affirmatives, and Rogers.
"So, where is this device?" asked Smith.
"It's in deep in this building, with a lot of security. However, if you just follow me, we'll reach it." He said.

Once everybody had arrived, Smith explained to them, what they were going to do. Some where against the idea and argued a lot, saying it was dangerous, it was better to find the Russians, but in the end, Smith got his way.
"When we reach the lab, I want you McDougall, to leave some timed explosives, to blow the lab, and this building to hell and back." Smith ordered.
"Will do" he replied
"Good, lets get the hell out of here!"

So off the team went, through corridors, and down stairs, yet meeting no resistance. Finally, Einstein called out,
"Its just through this room...".
There suddenly was a loud crack of automatic rifles opening up. Everyone got down as fast as they could, as bullets whizzed past their heads, pinging into walls, doors, pictures, anything that got in their way.

"Where is Einstein?" Smith yelled over the sound of gunfire.
"I'm here! Right next to you!" he said trying to keep as low as possible. At that point, the machine gunfire stopped, as they realised they weren't hitting anything through the closed door. At this point, Smith got a grenade, pulled the pin and standing up at the same went to the door and let the grenade go through into the room.

"GRENADA, GRENADA!!!!" he heard yelled, and men scuttling to find somewhere which was well away from it. However, Smith hadn't used a frag. He'd used a flashbang. When he heard the bang, he and his team rushed the room. All the men were cowering thinking it was grenade. Some had relived themselves. However, Smith had no sympathy. These men had just tried to kill him. If he let them live another day, they would fight another day. So he and his squad, in a matter of seconds, and finished off the Russians, and left them as there were.
"Where's the device? Smith asked.
Einstein was at the point of throwing up, and he was clearly upset, put he did as he was asked, and pointed at a long tube, where only one person at a time could fit in. It was metallic, so was one of the shiniest things in the room. You couldn't miss it.

When Einstein had recovered (and the charges set, and the door firmly closed behind everything in the room, apart from that tube), he got to work on setting it up. Soon it was ready.
"It's very simple, all you do now, it type in the co-ordinates of the place you want to go. It will then take you there." "How?" someone asked.
"Simply, its like the Chronospheres, but for people" he answered, "Anyway, you go first!" he said pointing at the Grahams.

He got in reluctantly, and stood in the tube. Einstein then pressed a switch, and there came a whooshing sound as his body melted away. He was now in the main base from where he started this mission.
The next person got it, but Einstein said, "Wait a second, I've got input the grid reference again. Hopeful, he'll have cleared the area, or some nasty accidents could happen."
So after a few seconds the next person went in, and so on till the whole squad had been taken through, except Einstein, and Smith.

"You'd better go next," said Smith " Otherwise you could be killed."
"But he don't know how to use the machine! He cried.
"All I have to do is type in a grid reference?" he asked.
"Yes." Einstein replied.
"Then I can handle it. Now go!" as loud banging on the door could be heard. Einstein got in it, and Smith pulled the switch got him out of there.
"My turn he though" but as he said this, he had an idea. He wrote a note, and wrapped it round something big and obvious. He then typed the co-ordinates and sent it. He then proceeded to type in another set of co-ordinates he had read from a map he had on him. He then pulled the switch, which was inside the machine, not out, and off he went, just as the door came crashing down. Seconds later, as the Russians stood confused, they were wiped of the face of this world.

"What the hell asked a soldier?!!??!" as he saw a man just appear in the middle of the base.
"Clear the area, more coming in!" he yelled. The soldier hadn't a clue, but did as he was told, and as more came in, the perimeter was set, and the just waited for them to arrive. When Einstein arrived, they all cheered.
"Only Smith now!" he said happily, then he yelled again "Oh my, it Vorks, the beautiful machine works!"
"Get of the way, Smith's still to come!" somebody said.

So they waited. Suddenly, a computer monitor arrived. Confused, they moved it. Someone then noticed the note attached, and has Einstein noticed it, he read it. He then began to chuckle to himself.
"What's so funny?" someone asked.
"Read the note." He replied.

To whoever my find this, please inform the General that I'm taken my vacation now. If he wants to find me, he'll now where I am

"I'm coming, I'm coming" said a woman, who was in the middle of doing her washing up.
"Oh my God, Andy! You're home!" she screamed with happiness.
He just smiled and hugged her tight.
"So what's for dinner he asked?"





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