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By: CommandoRex

It was a cold battle at Moscow Russia, it was the closest battle to the Kremlin, but since it was the first in a long time, many of the allied soldiers, pilots, and engineers lost their lives. The final survivors including Commander Alen Auroma and Lt. Michael Ned (who were the highest ranked officials who survived) were sent to military prison. It was very dirty, and smelly in the jail, it made Michael feel sick to the stomach. It has been week's Russian news crews came in and interviewed them. They saw some German, and Korean soldiers who where also captured but they were mostly spies working for the Allied Forces. The food in Military Prison was very bad. Many people became sick and died, while some have stomach viruses that keep coming back to them. At the prison courtyard they all talked to each other and plan escapes, but they still need to plan some more.

"How will we escape with all these telsa coils, sentry guns, and attack dogs?" asked a spy named Jacob Dart. "The last few escape attempts failed!!!" said another spy. "Well than we'll need to do it at the right time." said Commander Alen. "What you talkin' about?" asked Lt. Michel Ned. After a long pause Commander Alen Replied " Well I shouldn't be telling you this, but when I went over the times of attacks at Moscow with GHQ they said the second strike will be invading the prison, and deploy a base in it so we can move more men in Black Hawlks or Chinooks at the base so we can have the other attacks with more people. The time of the invasion will be in 2 days, at 10:30, so me must be prepared to arm up and claim the prison." "We have guns from the last escape attempt we stole from the armed guards and stored them under the bunker beds." said a captured engineer." It was now time to go back in the cells so the guards came out and got them in "ALRIGHT LETS GO KEEP MOVING!" they kept shouting.

It was the day they would escape from prison that tortured them, and made them eat food that made them sick to the stomach. They all herd the red alert siren, they herd explosions, someone came in, and a conscript was about to kill them but was shot by a chorno-commando. He said, "I'm Major Tomas Tad we are here to bust you out. Lets go!!!" After the raging battle and escape the allied successfully invaded Moscow but Premier Romanov escaped in a hind transport, but the win in Moscow was not just a strategic one but a patriotic one as well.




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