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By: Unknown

August 10, 1970
Moscow 1:28 am

Agent Fraley is sitting in his car just a few blocks from the Kremlin. He opens a bottle of aspirins he has been carrying around because of all the recent headaches has had. He takes out two tablets, closes the bottle, and washes them down with some cold coffee. He's been following the same soviet spy for weeks and tonight, all the hard work pays off. He has heard rumors of the soviets planning something big. Whatever is going on, it's making the allied leaders a bit edgy.

Suddenly he notices his subject walking to someone that is trying to keep it so low-key it draws attention. He suspects it is the guy's contact. Fraley picks up his wristband and contacts a fellow agent who is working on the same job. He whispers, "Our man has met up with his contact." The agent at the other side of the transmission replies "Affirmative."

As the soviet spies walk toward one another, the other motions the other to stop. Then Fraley feels a stabbing pain in his head. The pain is so terrible he screams at the top of his lungs. He accidentally opens his door and falls out onto the street. This causes the one spy to be on edge, but the other seems calm and slowly walks over to the screaming agent. The after a moment the other follows.

"Good job Yuri. This could have had serious consequences to the brotherhood had he found out our plans." The one man replies in English as well as an American accent. The man Yuri stares at Fraley till he passes out. "There's another spy." The other finally says. "But this man knows where he is, and will lead us to him." "You sure of this Yuri? What if he doesn't cooperate?" the other spy said. "He will cooperate. He's one of us now."

An hour later, Agent Jiso is awaiting a response from Fraley. "You there man?" He whispers into the wristband. Suddenly he feels a tap on his shoulder and jumps. "Damn it Fraley, what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack. I would like to see the end of the month for my retirement party." "Sorry, I just couldn't resist." Fraley replies. Jiso hears a noise and turns around to look. All he sees is a cat getting into a trashcan and pushing the top off. "I will be shocked if I make it through the night with how jumpy I am." Fraley Laughs and says "Well, good thing you don't have high ambitions for tonight." Jiso suspects Fraley has lost it. He starts to speak as he turns to face Fraley, "You know, I think... Uh, what are you doing?" Pointed right at his head is Fraleys' silenced glock. "For the union!" Fraley shouts before he pulls the trigger.

The next morning found in front of a Statue of Stalin and Lenin is Jisos body and a note saying "Think the allies trust us, guess again!"

August 15, 1970
Washington D.C. 5:00 p.m.

Wrapping up the day, the head of the CIA fills out the last of the paperwork before heading home. His personal secretary, agent Kate, walks in the office. "Sir this just came from the White House and requires your signature." Chris had said. "Can this wait till later?" He asks. "Well the president and general Carville need the papers reviewed and signed ASAP. Teslaus thinks sarcastically "What the hell, might as well sign them, after all I only got a family to go home to and take care of." Noticing they were papers on his best agents, Fraley and Jiso, he figured they finished their job and had some good news to report. For that he decided he would read them for the fact they should cheer him up.

Agent: Jiso
Current Task: Track suspected soviet spy and eliminate if required
Partner: Agent Fraley
Last known location: Moscow, Russia
Status: Deceased, body found in center of Red Square

He couldn't believe his eyes. His best agent was dead. Then he looks at the next file.

Agent: Fraley
Current Task: Track suspected soviet spy and eliminate if required
Partner: Agent Jiso
Last known location: Moscow, Russia
Status: Unknown, last seen collaborating with enemy agents. Defection 90% positive

Teslaus says "That's the 5th defector this month." But secretly, he knew if anything, Fraley would never defect. Something wasn't right, and he needed answers fast. He presses his home number on the speedy dial on his phone. It's going to be a late night.

August 16, 1970
Washington D.C. 2:00 p.m.
The Pentagon

Carville enters the command center at the pentagon in a hurry. He barges in, "What the hell is so important that I had to skip my lunch break! It better be good. And why isn't the air-conditioning on high? I'm hotter than a rattler at high noon in Texas." He says as he tries to catch his breath. A lieutenant near by points to a map on the wall with dozens of red dots all over the eastern and western coasts of the nation. As well as some near the border with Mexico. Carville is stunned. He asks, "What's going on?" The lieutenant replies, "We have soviet aircraft incoming from all sides. We are checking over again to make sure its not a simulation or false call." Carville processes the info for a moment. "I'm going to call the White House." He looks at the map and sees the dots moving toward the nation. And he deeply troubled by the ones that are already past the border with Mexico and in his home state of Texas. He better make that call now and eat later.

15 minutes later
The Oval Office

President Dugan is going over the most recent batch of papers from the UN dealing with the latest news from Russia. He was worried something like this would happen. Ever since the last war, tensions with Russia and the allied nations were high. During his term as a diplomat for the U.S. and Russia, he had played a major role in keeping Europe out of war. That alone won him the presidency last election. As well as the fact he managed to place a leader in Russia that was friendly to the Allies. But tensions were still high regardless of that.

He was hoping his next move to make an agreement with Russia to remove the spies only if they release any that had been captured. As well as some money as aid to help in the rebuilding from the war just 15 years earlier.

When the last war happened, he was just a punk kid in his late teens. Only when the war started and realized the seriousness of it, had he been remotely worried. He always believed that the Germans would do as they had attempted in the War during the years of 1914 and 1918 because of all the reparations they had to pay back. And as soon as he had gotten into office, he had the chance to meet Einstein and found out his assumption had happened, but thanks to Einstein changing history, it was averted. But the result was a war far worse than that had been.

He didn't want to think of it. His primary concern was to keep relations between the nations as far from war as possible, especially because they were doing to Russia just as they had done to the Germans in the other war.

Suddenly the phone rings. He dismisses his secretary who was handing him the papers because by the line the call was on, it was Carville. He picked up the phone "Dugan here."
In a serious tone Carville replies "We have a heck of a situation down here."
"How bad could it be?"
"We have Soviet air craft coming at the sides and ground troops pushing up through Mexico."
"Better double check this with NORAD. This doesn't make any sense. I'll call the Kremlin."
"Will do." And then Dugan hangs up the phone. The color in his face drained away as if he had seen a ghost. He looks at the phone that has a direct link to Moscow. He picks it up.

Moscow, 2 minutes later.

"Premier Romanov here."
Dugan replies "What's going on over there Alex?"
Romanov with a sense of joy in his voice replies, "Why Mr. President, what ever do you mean?"
"Well we..." After seeing the fax from Carville, Dugan in a worried voice says, "Your sending everything you got at us Alex. We're supposed to be allies you maniac!"
In a harsher tone Romanov shouts, "I am not your pet Mr. President! Us Romanovs have our legacy to consider."
"I don't give a wooden nickel about your legacy. Alex, you call them off." When Romanov doesn't answer he says, "You know, we will retaliate."
With a sarcastic grin and answer, Romanov looks over at Yuri. "I would not be so sure of that Mr. President." Then hangs up the phone

Dugan picks up the phone to Carville. "Is it confirmed?"

"You betcha!" Carville said "Make it happen." Then Dugan hangs up the phone.

Back in the command center, Carville picks up the phone to NORAD and relays the presidents' message. He may not have said it with "Make it happen," but the meaning was clear as crystal. He just gave Carville the right to launch the nukes. Any moment now, there won't even be a Russia to worry about any more.

Moments later
An unknown military base in the U.S.

The order to prep the missile had just been received from Carville and the base was on full alert. They look at the conformation code to make sure it wasn't a drill. It wasn't. Just as they were about to launch the missile the phone rings. The Lieutenant picks it up, "Hello" All he hears is a weird tone. Then suddenly his expression changes. He pulls out his gun and points it at the guy next to him.
"What are you doing? The doors aren't open. This is suicide." Then almost as if possessed by some unknown force, he fires on the other man just as the missile is launched. Above ground, it is calm and peaceful. The doors of the silos are closed. Then in an instant, the place is in flames and each door is blown off the silos in the explosion.

Moscow 2:45 a.m.

Yuri, one of Romanovs advisors, places the receiver on the phone down. In a curious voice Romanov asks, "Is it done Yuri?" Yuri shakes his head and replies in a low almost in audible voice, "No comrade Romanov. It has just begun."

New York City, an hour later

Sitting in a traffic jam extending across the expanse of the Brooklyn Bridge, Colonel Horton sits listening to the radio. He's been sitting here for almost 30 minutes. If traffic didn't start moving, he was going to be late to arrive at Fort Bradley to show some of the big wigs from Washington around. He was getting bored fast. Suddenly the sunlight to his car got blocked out. He didn't think anything of it till he heard a low droning sound and felt a slight vibration. He looks out to the side his car and without looking up, he sees dozens of zeppelins moving across New York Harbor. The moment he looks up at one that is turning, he stands in shock. In bright red on the side of the blimp, was a symbol of a hammer and scycle. Looking out at the harbor he notices a lot of ships parked in it. And to his horror, the missiles on the ships were lifting up. Almost like lightning, hundreds of these missiles left their launchers and flew right toward the city. The moment one clipped the statue of liberty, and decapitated it; he realized the United States was officially at war. He was now on duty. Just as every one else, he abandoned his car and ran to Fort Bradley. Which was in the opposite direction of where everyone else was headed. Little did he know, this scene was playing out all across the nation as well.

Chapter 1: Operation Lone Guardian

"Mom, trust me. If I weren't as good as I am, they would not even have picked me for this mission. You would know, you had the same damn job in the last war and nothing happened to you. Mom, I gotta go or the transport leaves without me."
"Mom, trust me. If I weren't as good as I am, they would not even have picked me for this mission. You would know, you had the same damn job in the last war and nothing happened to you. Mom, I gotta go or the transport leaves without me."

Tanya couldn't stand it; her mother had been on the phone for the last 10 minutes trying to convince her not to do this. Her mother, of the same name, was the most famous and successful commando from the Great War almost two decades ago was lecturing her on reasons not to go through with her orders. And Tanya just thought it was the same speech her mother got from her parents and just as her mother had done, Tanya had no intention of passing the mission up. Besides, it wasn't anything she already hadn't taken care of before. She was a commando like her mother was, and she had a job to do.

"At least promise me you won't come home in a casket and if things get really bad, you will abort the mission." Her mother pleads.
"Fine, I promise."
"Was that so hard?"
There was a pause, then Tanya's mother said, "you know what, your grandparents were right. You became as determined and unfortunately as stubborn as I am." Another pause. "Well good luck in New York. You will need it."

As soon as Tanya hangs up the phone, one of the privates walk up to her and tells her its time to go. She looks at the time. Won't reach New York till morning, she better get some rest till her team arrives. She just hopes Fort Bradley can hold up till then.

6:00 a.m. Moscow

For the past 36 hours, the Kremlin has been buzzing with activity. And taking his place along side Romanov and his Generals is one of the old advisors left form Stalin's administration. Little is known about him other than being loyal to the soviet cause. Originally the leader of a small militia group in the states, Kane is an intelligent and charismatic man. Perfect for spreading the propaganda of the soviet cause.

"Sit, sit, its not often someone such as you joins our ranks. And great job in rigging that propaganda trick with the American spy. It took enough attention from our forces we just walked right in unnoticed till it was too late." Romanov, in his moment of glory as he congratulate Kane on a job well done. "It was nothing Premier, after all it was Yuri who detected the spy." Kane says, in his very charismatic voice.

"Your first job as general is to over see the operations in New York and in Colorado. But remember, leave nothing. Just don't fail them both, or don't bother to return. It is important we take the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Without the proper facilities to train pilots, their air power is limited. And that's our primary concern. You have your orders." Romanov finishes and sits back. Kane simply replies, "It shall be done. But rest assured, I will reclaim any territory lost before you even get word the mission was a failure." He gets up, shakes Romanov's hand, and walks to the war room.

New York City, 4:00 P.M.

It was almost like Armageddon. People were screaming and running for their lives, explosions everywhere, and buildings crashing to the ground. Horton was having as much trouble getting to the city as everyone was getting out of it. On his dash across the bridge, the Kirovs broke into a few large groups and were headed to different parts of the city. And he could even see the Dreads in the harbor with their launcher bear from the initial onslaught. But they were almost done being reloaded, and a few of the missiles had been pointed at the bridge he had been on. He had gotten off it just as the first of those missiles came crashing into its side and isolating him in Manhattan. He only hoped the patriot missile launchers were online otherwise the fort would be annihilated before he got there. And it was just a matter of time till the tanks landed. When he was crossing the bridge, he had seen some transports unloading a few v3 rocket launchers and many more conscripts. But as soon as the paratroopers came, almost every turn he took he saw Soviet troops taking out buildings and even worse, civilians. All he wanted right now was an m16 or an mp5 machine gun. Anything was better than not being able to help anyone. He hoped his family had gotten out in time.

As he took the last turn to Fort Bradley he could see it was still intact and that some of the men there garrisoned a few of the surrounding buildings. Now all they needed was reinforcements which, he was sure were on the way.

The Blackhawk transport landed in the opposite shore from Manhattan in New Jersey. No sooner had Tanya in her fatigues stepped out of the chopper; her and her team was headed to the river where they would have to swim. But not before giving a few Dreadnoughts a beautiful tour of the river bottom. He slung the pack of c4 charges on her back and headed off.

In the barracks, Horton was busy. It turns out that when he arrived he was the highest-ranking man left at the base. All the others had ether been killed, wounded, or captured as they took a tour of the city. So he immediately started barking out orders to the GIs that were they're protecting the base. He picked up a CB radio to see what the soviets were up to.

"Sir, we have 10 soviet amphibious transports coming in from the south with 3 already unloading v3's and rhinos, and I regret to inform you, but one of them has an mcv on it."

Just the news he wanted to hear, a mcv getting off a transport. In a few hours they can have a base set up and chances of keeping the city out of their hands would become very slim. They would be lucky to make it out alive.

"CHEW ON THIS!" With guns flaring and the charge detonating, another ship is claimed by the quick actions of the SEALS. The other ships were leaving the harbor because they had run out of ammo. But not before Tanya and her team sunk 7 of the commies ships. She laughed at the Irony that 2 of the ships were called the Stalin and Romanov. She just imagined she sunk both of those bastards with a pair of cement shoes.

As the Seals landed, they came under heavy fire from hordes of conscripts. And Tanya could see more planes headed their way with many more. Now they had to double-time it to the Fort. They turn down Broadway, which is just a few minutes from the fort. But not before they run into some serious trouble. They need to take a detour for the simple fact that a few soviet Rhinos are headed down the road toward them, blasting buildings as they go. As they went to take a turn, one of the tanks blew up in a fantastic explosion. Tanya looks up to see a group of harriers headed to the city and one going away. The one leaving must have fired a missile. The moment they decide to continue down the road is the moment they saw some grizzly's coming down the alley to their right. On top of that, she always had the c4 to place on the tanks.

"Damn, what the hell was that!" Stunned by the sudden explosion, Horton looks up to see a harrier close by. It was in retreat. He figured it just hit something big, and for that big a blast, he was worried it was soviet armor. He runs to the other side of the rooftop he was positioned on and sees a smoldering hunk of scrap in the center of the road. Flanked by 4 other rhinos. And they were headed his way. Now was the time to panic. But if he had not seen the group of allied soldiers at the other end of the road, he would have freaked. Suddenly, he sees something poking out the side of a building. The moment he saw the grizzly his prayers were answers. The Calvary had arrived. And just in time.

The battle was long and hard, heavy casualties on each side. But Fort Bradley was still standing. With the arrival of the 21st tank battalion and the Seals, the soviets never had a chance. However it didn't take long before the celebrating was over and found to be premature. Because without warning, conscripts garrisoned inside of nearby buildings started gunning down what was left of the soldiers at Bradley. Then Horton remembered the mcv. He looked at his watch and realized that had been 12 hours since then, enough time for the soviets to have a base up and fortified. If they were lucky, as soon as they mopped up these goons, they could make it to the soviet base and take it out before they deployed their main defenses. How long till then, he didn't know. All he knew is that time was running out.

"Teams bravo and Charlie advance 20 meters and take a left toward the World Trade Center. After you take that left take cover and wait for further instructions. Team alpha, scout the perimeter of the base and scout their defenses then report your findings over." Sitting in the command center, Horton did what he could. Without a higher-ranking commanding officer, let alone contact with the pentagon, he was faced with decisions that were unknown to him a matter of hours earlier.

"Copy that." As all the teams reported they had heard his orders.
"Sir! We have sight of the base. Currently there are a total of 50 some odd enemy troops still setting up the base. Defenses are moderate but there appears to be an opening in the western side of the base."

Finally, some good news as Horton sighed in relief. "How much time to you think it will take till they start with the defenses on that side?"

"Not long. By my estimate about 3 hours. And they will be finished in 6. But right now they seem to be completing a strange ***lding **AM!*** W**t ****** thing?"

"Alpha, your breaking up over. Repeat what you just said." All he heard was static. From what he got, he did not like what had been spotted. "Three hours!? We need to move in now." Horton feared this, the command that could send possibly everyone to their deaths. And even worse, the possibility New York City would be lost. But he had to do it. "Tanya, I need you and your Seals down there. Do what ever you can, but get rid of them all. We can't lose this city." Tanya with a smug look and a twinkle in her eye, "No problem commander." And then out the door she ran.

Upon reaching the area where Teams Bravo and Charlie should be, she saw no sign of a fight. In a moment of panic one of the soldiers from one of the teams jumped out of the nearest building. "They're mad. It was almost like they were zombies." Tanya didn't know what this guy was smoking. But the pure look of fear in his eyes was enough to make her edgy. "Get a grip on yourself soldier. Settle down and tell me what happened."

"As soon as the radios started dying, some of the other guys just dropped their weapons and walked unarmed toward the soviet base. But as soon as they entered, they weren't even shot at, but rather given guns and started to attack the others who were acting normally. It was like a cheesy B movie come to life. They were acting just like zombies. Please don't make me go back, and promise you guys won't go."

"Sorry, but we got a job to do. Private, take him back to the base and get him in the infirmary. The rest of us will take care of it." With those words she headed in the direction the World Trade center.

They approached the World trade center and found minimum resistance along the way. Which is odd because Tanya knew the soviets were well known for sending wave after wave of men. She knew something was up. As soon as they were within sight of the building, Tanya and her team broke into two groups. One would be on guard while the others scouted the base to find out what was going on.

From the top of a nearby building, Tanya and her recon team had a perfect view of the base. Everything that the teams had relayed to the base was correct. And to her shock, everything that panicked soldier said was also true. Because it looked like the soldiers from the other teams were on guard duty for the soviet base. As much as she hated the idea, she knew she would have to take out friendly troops. She took a moment to think how much time they had as soon as the soviets knew they were there. As soon as she figured they would have 10 minutes, she ordered the snipers to take their positions and target all troops, including the allied soldiers.

As soon as the snipers picked off all the guards, the wave of infantry that followed was just what Tanya expected from the beginning. Now it was just a simple task of mowing them down, which her team and herself excelled at. Just as fast as the snipers cleared the guards, the rest of the SEALs eliminated all the troops that were in their way. Now they had to siege the base and find out what happened.

Back at Bradley, Horton awaited word from Tanya if they had been successful. As soon as a voice came over the CB, he jumped until he realized it was Tanya.

"What's the situation down there?"
"All guards are down, we are now entering the base and dealing with the automated defenses."
Finally, some good news to hear, Horton listened closer now.
"What happened to the other teams Tanya?"
"We had to take them out, it almost was like their minds were being controlled because they returned fire when we attacked the base."
That wasn't good to hear. But it perked his interest.

About 20 minutes after Tanya and her team reported they had the base secure. Horton arrived to inspect the soviet base to find out what happened to those soldiers. As soon as power to the soviet base was cut, they once again had contact with Washington. But that's when they noticed the strange building the soviets deployed. This would defiantly interest the guys in Washington.




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