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By: CommandoRex

It was a cold January in Camp Cod, Siberia, the allied troops invaded a small Soviet Base and created Camp Cod. In the 3rd tent, Officer Ted, the Squad Commander told all the units to keep watch for Soviet units, because this was their territory, and also because a blizzard started, radar's became jammed, and the contact to HQ was a failure. The Units had limited time sleeping; sometimes some units had to stay up all night. The next day the Squad Commander said, "The Soviet Units are closing in. The radar couldn't tell us in the past because of the blizzard, now Radar indicates they are only a few miles from here, so everyone has to get ready and defend Camp Cod, maybe if the blizzard ends we can call for reinforcements."

But everyone was too cold to be in best condition, it would be almost impossible to defend the Camp from being obliterated. When the Soviets were in visual of the Watch Tower they sounded the alarms, all the units tried to run outside in the cold. The Soviets had Flak Tanks, Telsa Tanks, Rhino Tanks, and sent Hind Transport Helicopters to attack the camp, but the only things the allies had in the camp were 7 Grizzly Tanks, and 4 Harrier Jets as tanks. The Soviets had M-16s, AK-47s, Flak Guns, and Telsa guns for their units.

The allied M-16 and Bazooka gunners went on top of the watchtower so they could shoot far, the snipers shrouded in top of the barracks for a good aim and the other machine gunners went to the frontline with the tanks. The battle was long, every 5 minutes 10 units would be already dead, but after the first hour Officer Ted could call the nearest HQ but would have to hold the Soviets for the next 30 minutes.
During that time 304 units from every side was dead. The allied backup came with 3 F-16s, 12 Mirage Tanks and 9 Grizzly Tanks but more and more Rhino Tanks and Flak Tanks filled with soldiers unloaded the battle raged for a long time but then the HQ had a Chornosphere and teleported some more Grizzlies and Mirage Tanks.

After a long battle the soviets decided to launch a large missile at the Camp to destroy it whole. After the HQ found out Commander Max teleported 50 Patriot Missiles every time the Chornosphere was ready but after the large missile stroke 1/4 of the base was Obliterated and one half of the units died including Officer Ted. Lt. Scott took over and said to the units "After the long battle, we lost 1,323 units, and lost 10 Buildings. The enemy lost 1,123 units during the battle also, but we got to win the battle without losing the whole base witch would have made 2,646 losses plus the 500 units that were sent by Chornoshpere so we should be thankful for that.
Another team will take over the base for us and we will be transported to HQ by Black Hawks. Our next step will be to invade the Soviet Missile Silo to stop other Nuclear or Large Missiles from blowing up Camp Cod. We will attack with 50 Grizzlies, 30 Mirage, 40 Artilleries, and 20 Prism Tanks to destroy the Soviet Silo, we will also have Bazookas, M-16s, Snipers, C-4s, AK-47, Basic Machine Guns, and a special team will be equipped with Chrono Guns."

After resting for the next few days the units finally got ready to attack. Second Lt. Tomas asked "How long will the battle be estimated Commander?" the commander replied "long, very, very long." he than paused "The battle may be even days because of the size of the whole base." Officer Eric said "Days? No way I could stand the cold so long!" Major Harrison the General contacted the HQ and than told all the units the battle briefing "The battle will take place in the soviet base, it is very big so this may be longer than the last battle for Camp Cod. You must know that many will die in the process, estimated 3,232 of you. Oh yes, you need to know something else too. When you are in the airfield, do not destroy anything in that area, we will send in Cargo Planes to pick you up and return you to HQ. Dismissed!"

"30 SECONDS!" shouted Officer Dan they were 30 seconds away from the battle. The Unit Commander than said "Alright, don't back out from this battle because this is on their territory, if you get lost look for me! Okay!" Officer Dan then shouted "10 SECONDS!" after the ten seconds everyone unloaded from the helicopter witch was later shot down. Lt. Reed than saw the commander, the commander said "Mr. Reed, get over here! Get over here!!!" when the Lieutenant got to the commander the commander than began giving orders "We got a mess here! We have dozens of pinned down ground units around here, and the enemy units have barbed wires, the combat engineer who has the bombs is pinned down near the barbed wire, he'll need covering fire, if you can do that our job will be easier. Bring Major Harrison and Officer Jackson with you! GO!" The Lieutenant did as told when he saw the engineer pinned down, he noticed a few watch towers that attacked the troops in that direction, he told Major Harrison to snipe the enemy units while he get the Combat Engineer. 3 out of the 6 gunners were sniped but than Major Harrison was shot to his death. Officer Jackson than sniped the rest of them sniped and they ran to the middle area where their units were pinned down.

The commander ran inside, and when they were in cover the Commander told Lt. Reed his second task "Okay good job, the next thing we need to do is to take over the tower that the soviet's Battle Commander is. This time we can give you covering fire during this task, bring Officer Jackson and Officer Eric with you. Now go, COVERING FIRE!" The battle went on and they lost Officer Jackson during the fighting when Officer Eric, and Lt. Reed got to the tower they found out the Battle Commander was about to leave by Hind Transport, they climbed the ladder carefully and when they got to the top they were attacked by 4 M-16 gunners. "Eric, use those grenades!" said Lt. Reed, the grenade blew up all of the gunners but the commander shot Eric's leg, and Eric died. But before Lt. Reed was about to get shot more allied units came up the ladder and killer the Enemy's Battle Commander. After that the air superiority blew up the second barbed wire and helped them trough the silos and the silos were blown up and the mission became a success.

At the Cargo Plane on the way back to HQ the Commander told Lt. Reed that he did good during the battle and the losses weren't his fault. After the mission was done most of Camp Cod was re-built and some things were added to camp cod, such as a bigger communication center. The soviets lost more bases at Siberia and then the whole Siberia was turned into allied territory. The general was a little happy that there was only 6,032 losses compared to the soviet's 14,053 losses during the battle for Siberia. The allies were better after the battles in Siberia, which helped them in many ways.




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