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Chapter 1: The Attack

It was 3:35am, after a long battle with the NOD forces, special commando James Kerncraft was the only survivor. The NOD forces attacked GDI from the air, penetrating there main defences, after the air attacks were over, - Cluster Missiles attacked the area. Destroying most troops, and killing civilians.

'Help' James shouted, he sat and heard his voice, echo and echo into the distance, there was no one alive he thought to himself, his leg was virtually crushed. And he was too weak to move. Soon he heard voices, he was about to cry for help, until he saw the NOD badge on the two soldiers uniforms. he knew they would find him, and he was in no fit state to hide, or attack them. He fell back down to the ground. And waited for the soldiers to find him.

'Look, over there, a survivor' shouted the NOD troop. He quickly moved the stone crushing James leg, and moved him out the way. The solider told him to stay there, and the general would be here soon' about 10-15 minutes later, a big man carrying a machine gun, in came two other men with a stretcher and put James onto it, and carried him off.

James woke up in a cell, and two guards were standing on either side of the doors. They immediately went off to tell the general.
Soon later the two men re-appeared with the General. He told the men to open the cell, they did so and, The general came into the room he blew smoke into James face, you have a choice he says, "you can either tell us who you are, and give us all the information you can, or you can die". "I cannot reveal my name, my unit, or any other details to you, I'm sorry. "Very well, I understand that you will die for the GDI, but I have no other choice than to torture, and kill you" says the general. He tells the guards to take him to room 605. and leaves. "Yes sir" reply the to guards. James is grabbed by the guards and took into a long corridor, they walk to a door, open it. And push him in.

A man is sitting in a dark room, "SIT DOWN" says the man, James sits down, and the man starts to talk. "So you work for the GDI?", "Yes" replies James.




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