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By: CommandoRex

Chapter 1

It was a dark time for the Soviet Union. They lost many soldiers in the locations of France, Germany, and South Korea. The naval fleet Superior lost to the British navy. The troops in America are obliterated, Mexico is a smoking crater, and the only place they have an organized force is their own home, Mother Russia. "Comrade, the British navy has been hit well but we lost the Superior Fleet against the water defences and are still repairing the heavy damages to their naval fleet but that is not the problem. Spy Planes have detected a strange force in the Himalayas. We are now sending a recon mission to get more information but now they have built an AA range 10 miles to their base, and their base has a big statue of Yuri. You will assist the Recon mission X, by destroying the AA Range, the escort fighters of the recon mission will be a selected group of 30 Elite Mig Fighters which will contain you. The mission will start soon so be prepared!" Said Lt.Saigon "Yes" replied Sgt. Reed.

The rest of the Elite Squadron was hand picked by Premier Romanov himself the day after Sgt. Reed was from Cuba, but than moved was moved to Russia to help the air superiority and was really smart. Operation: Recon X was about to begin the Elite Squadron now called the Dark Elite Squad (DES) was re-briefed. In their final day in the barracks before the mission (that was almost impossible) they gathered up and exchanged survival tactics, it was estimated they'd all be dead before the mission ended. "If you eject than you will also die by their garrisoned bunkers," said one of the DES' members. They kept on talking and talking and then it was finally time to sleep.

It was finally the day of Operation: Recon X. Since the large number of supporting fighters, they will all be launched from different runways and will re-group at the border line, since the flight to the Himalayas is long, they will split up to different runways and take a small break and eat a bit. When they reached the second runway they did what they supposed to, but something different happened. "DE Squadron, delay 1 hour from flight, delay 1 hour!!!" said the air commander. "What the...?" every one was confused. They were told that the allied forces were in that area attacking but only dismantled of the AA range.

It was finally flight time again, "You may now launch when you are ready!" said the Air Commander. The pilots were finally ready to bomb the AA Range, but that wouldn't be their last in the Himalayas, they would leave the recon flight going to the non-AA part of the base and then after a newer briefing go back to destroy the base completely! "Dark Elite 1-15 on standby" said Sgt. Reed. "Dark Elite 16-30 on standby" said Lt. Stanly. "All Dark Elite Members have reported in, continue course to the primary targets," said the air commander.

The Recon mission has finally gotten to Yuri's AA line, there were a confusion of how many primary targets there were. "There are 15, no 30 of them!" shouted Dark Elite 9. "Holy, that's a crap load of those," said other dark elite. The battle kept on going for minutes, but it seemed like hours for the air fleet. The battle finally ended but took a blow on the Russian air force, of the air squadron was dismantled but the Recon mission brought back important information.




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