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By: Sarge790

"Take cover!"

The shell then whistled overhead, screaming as it thudded into the ground with the loud bang nearly drowned out by the screams of pain. "Damn artillery!" shouted Johnson over the radio Then I clicked to my senses as someone shouted "Medic!" I ran as quickly as I could to the noise of the shouting, keeping my head low as to not get shot while I was moving, the enemy was well trained and brainwashed so they wouldn't think twice about popping my head open with their weapons.

I arrived by the wounded soul and didn't even have to ask what happened. It was very obvious as he was missing a leg. I quickly got to work as I bandaged his leg and gave him painkillers, in time with the constant bombardment. Bandage, lean over patient and repeat. It seems that's all I do these days! "Fox-trot and Omega, lay down covering fire while alpha and Bravo squads make a break for it!" the radio chattered again.

"Roger" I thought as I drew my weapon, and fired off a round towards the NOD scum who were now cowering as our airstrikes got to work on the artillery so that we weren't bothered by taking covering and could now show them how it feels to hide like rabbits I their holes from dogs!. I then saw the two teams leap over, the same time as the black and red uniforms got up and ran. The rage which had been swelling in me finally took control. I aimed my weapon and fired into the backs of the fleeing scum, watching them fall holding the backs, legs, necks and head. I smiled gleeful and shouted "No mercy men, NO MERCY!"

Everything went black, after I saw in slow motion a tiny black spec head towards me. I knew what it was, it was a bullet. I wanted to get out of the way, but I couldn't, and as it penetrated my uniform a red cloud spewed out where it had hit me, square in the chest. I felt no pain but just felt like sleeping as I slowly fell to the ground, falling unconscious.

My next memory was at the medic station. Luckily for me it had only hit me between the ribs, and had hit nothing vital to my survival. My first question was did we win. The answer was a yes. When I fell our armoured division had swept round and stopped the survivors getting out. They are now being interrogated for information on Kane's location. I hope I will be there to witness his suffering as his army falls and we close in. I want to make him feel pain.

I sighed, the pain was kicking in know as I asked the doctor for some more Morphine and thought back to the days events of pain and suffering.




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