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By: CommandoRex

All the men of squads 1-5 were sent to the briefing room for a top secret mission, this mission was so private that the men of squads 1-5 had to get it from mail. The briefing took place in 200 Hours, military time. Major Ronny Garrison knew this mission would never be told about for a long time, but before he could think of anything else the general came in the room.
All of the men saluted him. "This mission will be one of the hardest missions that you will all face, many or even all may not make it but this mission will determine the fate of the world. In a classified region of Antarctica, is a very large superweapon the soviets call Doomsday. This weapon located in Antarctica is an upgraded version of the Nuclear Missile Silo, carrying more, larger, stronger nuclear missile the Doomsday device is one of the most dangerous superweapon of all mankind. The missile targets are, Europe, south and East Asia, North America, South America, Greenland, New Zeeland, and Australia, the countries and regions that will survive will be, Russia, and some of the Middle East.
This threat must be eliminated, your first objective is to go to the nuclear power plant, and shut it down, without causing it to blow, next is to blow up the radar tower so the missile launches will be delayed, finally you will penetrate the inside of the Doomsday, but it has telsa guns, coils, and troopers as a line of defence, but if you actually penetrate further you will find that the last line of defence is self-destruction, causing the whole southern, and some of the northern hemisphere's countries to blow. If you can shut down the Doomsday, Blackhawk helicopters will pick you up, and then while you leave another Blackhawk will drop off technicians to launch the missiles out to space, where no one will ever reach it." After a pause the general said good luck to the men, they were than dismissed.

Few hours later Major Ronny loaded his M-16 and then took almost all of his ammunition, some C4s, and a radio. He went outside and found out it was time to start the operation, he entered the cargo plane, and when they flew to Antarctica Major Ronny thought what he would face, and also thought if he could survive, but he remembered he went with the best in the army. It was close to dawn, and at dawn they would parachute out of the cargo plane into the Doomsday device's zone. It was 3 minutes to dawn so the men got ready their parachutes, and weapons, knowing it may be their last mission.

"60 SECONDS!" shouted the pilot, they were in range of flak guns, the plane shook, and some of the men in the cargo plane thrown up. "30 SECONDS!" the plane shook rapidly. "15 SECONDS! ALL MEN PREPARE FOR DROP!!!" the pilot got worried, the flak damaged the plane bad and he knew the plane would not be able to get back to the base on time "10, 9, 8 GET READY! 5, 4, 3, 2, ABANDOND PLANE!!!" all the troops parachuted, and the pilot ejected the flak could not entirely see the small troops going down so it stopped the wave of attacks.
"Unit A has reached the landing point," reported Major Ronny, he was in charge of unit a "Lt. Barkly here, we are still in the.what the.we.can't.make.." the radio call was cut off, the plane blew up. " Lt. Barkley.Ma.Ron.take.comm.nd.of.the.inva." the remains of the plane crashed into the water. "Unit A, precede operation," reported the general. "What are you talking about, its suicide going through the mind field! Unit B had the bomb finder to take them off, that's what they were here for!!!" said Lt. Mike. "Precede, that's an order!" commanded the general. "Commander Beelez here, Units C-F reached the power plant. Where are the other units!" Most of unit A died from the landmines planted for the outer defensive, some died from frostbite, it became colder and colder by the second. "Major Ronny here, some of Unit A couldn't make it but we reached the power plant!

The battle in the power plant was really hard, but the engineers shut it down, causing the flak cannons to die, and the radar tower to also shut down. "Colonel Reed here, Unit G control of soviet radar, proceed to the Doomsday device Unit A-F!" In the Doomsday Device, many obstacles guarded the path to the control room. "Commander Beelez here, I'm hit! Take my place Major Ronny, command the attack!" "Hey what's falling meteorites!" said Colonel Reed "Don't worry this was only a test for the Doomsday device, stay away from the crash sites and maintain operation!" said the general. The telsa weaponry was finally destroyed but while in the control unit the Doomsday would set for a self-destruct in a few seconds, shutting down the control room didn't work. "EVACUATE OUT AND GO NORTH 500 YARDS! ONLY 3 MINUTES!!!" said the general. "ALL UNITS MEET AT THE REMAINS OF THE POWER PLANT!" said Major Ronny, "NO IT WILL BE TOO LATE, GO AS FAST AND AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO!" shouted "Lt. Mike.

They were already out but even through the blizzard they could hear the timer clicking. It went faster, and faster, when some men reached far enough the Doomsday Device Exploded, killing most of units F and E. "You made it through alive troops, the Blackhawk's are on their way. The surviving units were relived, but they will never forget the deafening explosion, and the disasters that happened through the mission. The soviets abandoned the billion dollars wasted on a superweapon. The soviets had some of their plans outside of Antarctica ripped apart. Even though a great victory, many died, and the memories of the battle will linger on the minds who survived that mission.

The End




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