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By: Sarge790

Chapter 2: The Meeting

The seven men in Captain Smiths team were not only very experienced soldiers but were also his close friends. In fact, he had gone through training with many of them. They knew Smith very well and trusted his views and ideas.
The men he was now talking to consisted of many different specialities:

O'Brien, the electronics expert (Could hack anything and everything).
McDougall, the demolition expert (ask him to blow something and he will do it perfectly).
Grey, recon specialist (can get anywhere with out being detected).
Grahams, intelligence (knows everything about anything).
Young and Agnew were both experienced close combat veterans.

"Any questions?" asked Smith after he had briefed his men.
"Yeah... I have a question", said Young who was polishing his Heckler and Koch MP5 automatic machine-gun. "How do you plan to get to the bloody Himalayas in one day?"
"Ah, well, the General said he would take us in by chopper but that would take days."
This had left Smith himself wanting to ask questions, but at that moment the door opened and three people walked in.
"Sergeant Tanya reporting for duty sir!" came the voice of the renowned Tanya. Upon her entry all Smiths men suddenly became a lot more intent on flexing their muscles, brushing their hair and coughing deeply. Smith himself had a wife, but enjoyed looking at his men make idiots of themselves, so he said nothing.

After Tanya there entered two men, the first was carrying a Dragnouv sniper rifle, with a long sight attached on top, which was emitting a faint green beam of light from the front.
Following him was a man who was wearing a black tuxedo and polished shoes. However, his face was as blank and expressionless as a bare wall.
"Lieutenant Johnson at your service at your service sir", said the man with the sniper rifle, "Heard you needed a sniper", he said in a very British accent. His eyes were never fixed on one thing at once. Serganent Smith new that it was the mark of a truly experienced sniper.

"And I am whoever you want me to be sir," said the man with the suit on.
"What do you mean?" asked Smith in a confused voice.
"Well you did ask for a spy didn't you?" the man replied.
"Yes, but I still don't understand!" he said
The spy sighed before turning away. He then turned back and Smith gasped in horror. The spy now looked just like him.
"Now do you understand?" asked the spy.
"Yes" replied Smith "Err, so what's your name then?"
"Why don't you tell me?" replied the spy annoyed. "General said you wanted the best. Well, the best spy doesn't have a name, he is anyone and everyone he is told to be, so why don't you just tell call me Jones or something like that?"
"Okay," said Smith surprised. "Jones it is. But where are the others I asked for? The two rocketeers and four grunts?"
"They're outside" said Tanya. "They err... wanted a last smoke before the mission. They like to think of it as good luck"
"Call them in would you?" asked Smith to Grey. One minute later there were six new faces in the room.
"Okay," said Smith, "Lets get down to buisness. We have only three hours till we go, however we go!" noticing Youngs glance. "So, we should go and make each other known to each other. You only have that time, so talk everyone, and bond. We need to know each other like the backs of our hands when it comes to action!"




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