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By: Sarge790

Lt. Johnson, the famous British sniper, wiped the sweat of his forehead, which was making his face paint run down his neck and chest, making him a green streak.
"Better camouflage he though." He just wasn't used to this weather.
"Wish I was back in Manchester, where its damn cold!"
"Aw, the weak Pommy is hot is he?
"Shut-up you damn Aussie!"
They laughed and continued to creep through the rainforest.
"Two clicks till we reach the way point. Make sure your ready, because once your there, we will move on and create a "distraction" so you can kill the Russian general, understand Lt.?
"Yes sir!" he said "Last time a take an order from an Aussie, he thought." He reached the waypoint and set up his rifle on its tripod. Some people would say he was a traitor using a Dragnouv sniper rifle, but heh, it was his favourite rifle.

Now, if you were a unexpecting conscript, you wouldn't notice him unless:
a) You could smell him
b) You were two feet away.
In other words, his camo was perfect, not like the normal snipers who just wore Kakikc he took time, he liked to spend hours mixing in with his surroundings, I mean, who wants to get shot because he can be seen. He looked at his watch. Good he thought, 6 hours till operation, Zombie. He wiped the sweat off his face again.
"Careful!" he thought, didn't want to lose sight of his enemy at the last minute.

10 minutes to go and he was nearly wetting himself. A patrol of conscripts with nasty snow dogs were walking around. If those dogs sniffed him, he would be ripped apart. The first time in war, he started to tremble. "God this makes it so much worse!"

Then the miracle happened. The Aussies opened fire and set the  explosives off 5 minutes early. He used this to his advantage and in the confusion fired off 3 shots. into the two conscripts and dog. He quickly focused on the base. He could the Russians running everywhere. Most were looking for their commanders, others were running to defensive points.
"Damn!" he whispered, how in the blue hell was he going to find the General. Luckily for him the Russians made a grave error. The General himself tried to gain order himself and was ordering the Russian men into ranks. This meant that he it was easier than basic training. His heart was even beating against his chest. He aimed and let off a shot. He saw it whistle into the commander. It was zoomed in close enough so that he could see his face. He slammed into his cheek, of course, you couldn't really see his face as half of it imploded outwards and covered the sergeant with blood and bone. He collapsed and held his face withering on the ground.

"Crap!" he shouted, he realised that he wouldn't die. Now he was pissed. He let off 2 more shots into chest, and 1 into his skull. There was blood all over the concrete and the Russians were well and total confused. The radio went off,

"If you want to get out of here get to the chopper pommy." He quickly picked up his rifle and ran. His last thoughts as the rest of explosives went off creating screams of panic and death were only these "Should have killed him first shot!"  He bellowed at the Australian demo squad he were shouting at him to hurry. He didn't seem to realise that he just shot a target 2 miles away. He then leapt onto the chopper as it flew away into the sunset, over the burning Russian camp.




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