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By: CommandoRex

Ukraine Massacre

A few days after the destruction of the Nuclear Facility of Siberia was confirmed destroyed there was a big riot in Ukraine which aimed to make the Soviets leave and go back to Russia. The riot took place in front of the Capital Building. The riot fought hard to kill the Soviets but at the end they were all bombed by MiG-16s. After this "attack" on the Ukrainians the Soviets started to massacre innocent Ukrainians and after the massacres had stopped, the Soviets tried to capture Fort Winchester but the defenders were very experienced in combat. After hours of fierce fighting outside the gates of the fort the defenders fell back to guard the walls of the fort, and were in high need of reinforcements.

"This is Captain Travis Johnson commander of the defenders of Fort Winchester. We're losing our men here and we need reinforcements! There getting in close over here!" reported the captain to the Pentagon
"If you can, hold your troops around the fort until 250 reinforcements arrive." The General told him
"250? That's not enough to face their army of about 5,000!!!" Captain Travis complained.
"Well, that 250 is the Bravo Division which is well armed and is our best men, so don't lose them!" the General replied.
The captain then said "Fine we'll try to hold the fort but this isn't as promised!"
"We're also sending in some supporting A-10s and a few harriers." The General told them.
Travis replied "I hope they're a really big help because we are facing about 5,000 strong!"

The defenders didn't have to wait long. Blackhawks arrived with the 250 troops after 30 minutes, and the aircraft also arrived at the same time. "Get to the wall, now!!!" ordered Captain Travis.
"Affirmative." replied Lt. General Carp.
The fighting was still fierce after the bombing and the reinforcements. The Soviets almost bombed a part of the fort's wall, but the defenders shot the MIGs down before they could. Lt. General Carp used up all of his FRAG Grenades. The defenders held the wall until a demolitions group snuck a C4 to the wall and blew it up! The Soviets charged inside the Fort and the fighting had gotten more difficult for the defenders. "Fall back! Secure the Fort's Main Building!!!" Captain Travis ordered.
As soon as they all fell back more aircraft came to reinforce the defenders. The aircraft had bombed up everyone inside the walls of the fort which made the defending easier, but some men defending the building were also bombed. Soon all of the Soviets were killed, and victory was confirmed "This is the Pentagon, destruction of all Soviet troops around the wall is confirmed but you have company! 3 MIGs with ribbon insignias are heading for your base, prepare to face air strikes! If you think you can hold the MIGs or even destroy them until F-22s arrive than try to, but don't let the Main Building fall!!!" the General told them.

"Everyone arm yourselves with anything that can shoot down aircraft!" Travis ordered.
The MIGs had arrived and they killed a lot of men in the first bombing run, but the others were unsuccessful, for the defenders kept on shooting toward the MIGs. Many soldiers died during the fighting but when the Elite F-22s came and shot down the MIGs. Victory was really theirs after the MIGs destruction. The Bravo Division were than ordered to stay in the fort for they would be sent on another mission soon.




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