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By: Warhound, 26th October 2000

Warhound: In the first version of TS(v.08)the random map editor would save the maps with a .MAP extension which we could edit with Final Sun and Yame. After version 0.13(I think) the Random map editor would save them as .Sad (I am not sure) so we couldn't edit them. Was that done on purpose so we couldn't edit the maps?
From what I remember, that wasn't done so that you couldn't edit the maps, but for a really easy way to have the program tell the difference between random maps and hand-built maps. You should try just renaming a random map from whatever the extension is back to .map to edit it. You can then just rename it back when you're done with it.

I'm not 100% sure that will work, but it's an easy test. There may have been a security reason for making random maps with that extension (and changing the contents) to prevent one person from hacking the map... although that would usually cause out-of-synch problems. Hmm. I'll ask around and see if there was another reason.




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