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By: Warhound, 17th August 2000

Warhound: Is it possible to blow up a tree and make it fall on an enemy?
No sorry.

Warhound: Will there be a RENEGADE 2 or a expansion pack where you play as the NOD commando? (Thanks to CYBERLORD for giving me this question)
Too early to tell. Once the game ships then we'll know for sure.

Warhound: Will you be able to use the ION CANNON?
The Ion Cannon is controlled by GDI, Havoc will have missions where he has to set Ion cannon beacons. These beacons allow GDI hQ target specific areas.

Warhound: Will ships appear in the game?
Yes, but Havoc will have minimal interaction with them at most.

Warhound: If you use Yuri do control a full Harvester will it be possible to make him unload in your refinery?
Yuri can't control harvesters. It has to do with balance.




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