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By: GIHavoc, 22nd August 2000

GIHavoc: Could you tell me anything about the Desolator?
The Desolator is the Iraqi special unit and has two modes of attack. His first mode is a lethal pray of radiation on an unsuspecting unit. Next is his massive radiation burst that affects a 4x4 radius around for limited time. He's great against infantry rushes.

GIHavoc: Will an elite Kirov move a little faster?
It's possible, elite units get a variety of random stats.

GIHavoc: Will each country be a different color?

GIHavoc: How come you put multiple Tanya's in multiplayer instead of Multiple SEALS?
Because they are close to being the same type of unit, with Tanya being a bit stronger. It doesn't make any sense to add an extra icon to build Seals. It would just clutter your build layout.

GIHavoc: If you phase out one of your own buildings with a Chrono Legionnaire, how will you bring it back?
You don't..

GIHavoc: Will you implement the RA2 community into the civilian buildings such as they did with TS? Example: Rade's Roadhouse?
Maybe. :)




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