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By: Cabal, 25th October 2000

Cabal: Did you enjoy playing Seth in C&C1?
Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Except for that getting-shot-in-the-head thing. Actually, that was fun too. (Trivia note: I did that effect myself, frame-by-frame in Photoshop. Messy, huh?)

Cabal: If you could have changed the storyline of C&C 1 what would it have been?
The usual stuff...Kane dies horribly, Seth takes over the know. The same things any Sane person would want. Hehehe. By the time TS came out, Seth would have conquered all, and moved To Hawaii where he could pursue the joys of bikini chicks.

Cabal: If you could be any character from any C&C game who would it be and why?
Hmmm...well the obvious choice would be Kane, because then I'd be famous and everything, instead of some low-life artist. But I'd have to give up my hair, which I'm not ready to do yet. On the other hand, it would be cool to play the Mammoth Mk II, because it's got guns the size of Detroit, and gets to stomp all over everything.

Cabal: How did working on TS compare to working on C&C1?
Big difference. The tools had gotten better, there were fewer limitations, both in the engine itself and in the cinematics.

Cabal: Do you enjoy working for Westwood?
Yes. It's one of those "I can't believe I get paid to do this" kind of jobs. Screw around with some 2d and 3d graphic programs, make some pretty pictures, get a paycheck. It beats working for a living.

Cabal: What's your favorite quote from the C&C series?
"From God, to Kane, to Seth." Of course! 8^). I also liked "It's time you saw the future, while you still have human eyes" from TS.

Cabal: What are you working on now?
Recently finished up on the cinematics for Red Alert 2. Starting up on Secret Project #1.

Cabal: What are your opinions about bringing the C&C series into the action category with Renegade?
It should be cool. For fans that are familiar with the C&C world, bringing it into the action category will be a fun change of pace. I'm looking forward to it myself




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