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By: Cabal, 14th August 2000

Cabal: Can you give us any details of what the Renegade music will be like?
Oh yeah, It'll be more like old school C&C vibe, emphasis on the heavy guitar, industrial electronic stuff!

Cabal: How long have you been working on the music for Renegade / RA2?
I've been switching between those projects for the last 6 months.

Cabal: How long did it take you to compose the music for TS?
About 4 months maybe, for that game I brought in my friend Jarrid Mendelson to help out as I was overloaded at the time, and his style fit perfectly for that game.

Cabal: If you could be any C&C Character who would it be and why?
I already WAS the commando in the old C&C (the voice) and I'd have to say I'd still love to be him because he's an ass kicker with a bunch of one liners. I like that about him.

Cabal: Can you send us any sound clips from either sound tracks or tell us when some more will be released?
That's out of my hands, that's up to marketing dept.

Cabal: When will the soundtracks for Renegade / RA2 be released?
I don't know, but I'm almost sure the RA2 one will be out first.

Cabal: Will we be able to buy the soundtracks outside North America? The only way we could get the TS soundtrack was to go to the USA and buy it or buy Firestorm from EA and hope they had some left.
Westwood's web site makes that possible.

Cabal: What is your favorite piece of music that you have composed for any C&C game so far?
That's very hard. Let's just say my favorite C&C pieces, were the remixes I did for Sole Survivor. It was kind of my way of going back and making those songs how I originally wanted them to sound after RA was already done.




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