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By: Warhound, 13th August 2000

Warhound: After RA2 on what project will you be working on?
Not sure yet. Some RA project I suppose...

Warhound: Is the AI what it is supposed to be?
Right now, no. The version we had at ICELAN yesterday had very key elements missing. Those are currently being worked on by design and we expect to have a pass this week. We've had it working very well in the past with all the special weapons being used and naval attacks. All that should be back and better than ever this week.

Warhound: How many credits will the OIL RIG give you?
Not sure yet. Its a balance issue. It is a good, healthy flow though so it makes them worth capturing.

Warhound: Is the STATUE OF LIBERTY there just for decoration or will it have a function?
Some are for atmosphere, some are for function. Many give you bonuses if you are Soviet and you destroy them. In some missions the Allies are charged with protecting or repairing a key monument.

Warhound: When a OIL RIG gets destroyed will it have a big explosion?
I think so. We just got some cool barrel anims in and the V3 missile racks, Gas Station or Oil Derricks seem like they need ones too.




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