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By: Cabal, 17th August 2000

Cabal: Do you enjoy working for Westwood?
Absolutely. I'm proud to be working for one of the best developers in the world. I've never had the privilege of working with a company that cared so much for its customers and fans. I've learned and grown greatly in my tenure here and I hope to stay for a long time.

Cabal: Can you give us the names of the people who will be appearing in the RA2 FMVs?
I'll let Chris Rubyor handle this one.

Cabal: Who else did you consider to appear in the FMVs?
All sorts of actors but all the ones we really wanted, we got.

Cabal: Are you planning any expansion packs or will you see how successful the game is first?
We'll only do an expansion if we feel there's a significant story or enhancement that we can give to the fans. After the game is done we'll consider the possibility. Ideas from the fans are always welcome, especially after they get a chance to play the final version of RA2.

Cabal: If you could be any character from any C&C game who would it be and why?
Hmmm. I always liked Dr. Einstein but I'm not sure if I'd want to actually be him. I think the person I like best being is the "player". As you know, in most C&C the player is the true hero, and not a character on screen. Tanya sort of takes a liking to the "commander player" in RA2. Not a bad spot to be in.

Cabal: Who else is working on the RA2 project?
A cast of thousands!!! Actually there are about 40 team members all working hard on the game.

Cabal: Which will be more successful in your opinion - Renegade or RA2?
Why Renegade, of course! Or is that Red Alert 2? No, Renegade! Hmmm, maybe Red Alert 2. Who cares?!!! Both will be cool and that's all we can ask or hope for!

Cabal: Does RA2 have a third side, such as the forgotten from TS?
Not really at this time. We'll see what the future brings. Those psychics are a nasty lot.

Cabal: Who wins?
Why, the player, of course!




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