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By: Cabal, 26th October 2000

Cabal: If you could be any character from any C&C game who would it be and why?
Definitely Kane. Who wouldn't be Kane? One gets the impression all lights turn green for Kane, plus he's fit and has really snazzy facial hair. I'm blonde; I try to grow a beard and I look like a serial killer, which would never inspire confidence in the masses. Definitely Kane.
Of course, with Red Alert 2, definitely General Carville, because he's so on top of everything. I wanted him to have a love affair with Tanya, although as it turned out, Barry Corbin, that wonderful North Texas neighbor of mine, would have been an odd match with Miss Wuhrer.

Cabal: How much research did you have to do before working on Red Alert 2?
Same as always, I just buried myself in all the reference materials I could find on Russia and the 50's and Red Alert and then try to shove it all into your subconcious when you start writing. I had already done a lot of cracking into the Soviet mindset for my Hulk book, Abominations, and was able to dredge up a lot of that knowledge.

Cabal: Have you seen much of the actual game? If yes, what do you think of it?
I've probably seen less than you have-- the thing about screenwriters is we're a particular kind of resource who aren't around for much more than what they're asked to do. I can't wait to see how it all turned out, though.

Cabal: What are the Red Alert 2 team like?
My role as screenwriter was more like that of a distant satellite sending back information. I worked with Exec Producer Donny Miele by constant email, every day for months. All the comments came through him, and we developed quite a rapport. But I never actually met the rest of the team.
It was product development of the future. I remember once I was typing on my laptop at a lakeside coffee shop in Austin, and Donny was giving me notes from a deck overlooking a golf course in Nevada. Dream project. Most of my work, actually, was done at the Town Lake Hyatt Regency in Austin.

Cabal: Have you played any of the other C&C games?
Yes! I loved the original C&C, especially the Commando. (So very Texan. "Got a present for ya!")

Cabal: Out of all the screenplays that you've written, which is your favorite?
Actually, my favorite is one I just finished but haven't sold yet, about a woman who goes to New Orleans, the most haunted city in America, and finds out that she can siphon the powers of the dead. She ends up a sort of ghost-hunting super-hero. I love it but haven't done anything with it. Next to that, I just finished a collaboration with 3D animator Tony Salvaggio, a feature-length Victorian mech team script called Clockwerx. Pure action.

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