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By: Cabal, 5th August 2000

Cabal: Who, other than you, do you think has contributed most to the C&C series?
Clearly the biggest contributor to the C&C series, hands down, no contest, is Brett W. Sperry (the "W" is for "Wendy." Not a lot of people know that.). He is the visionary behind the concept, the story, the gameplay, the world. Brett eats, drinks and breathes games. This explains his general ill-health all around but also means that his every waking moment is dedicated to perfecting the C&C franchise and Westwood gaming in general. Brett sincerely loves the development process and has tremendous respect for the creative people he surrounds himself with.

Cabal: If you could be any character (other than Kane) from any C&C game who would it be any why?
I think I'd like to be Tanya. If I looked as good as she does in a tank top, I'd never leave the house...

Cabal: Which C&C game have you enjoyed making the most?
Each game had it's own unique challenges and pay-offs but I have a special fondness for the original Command & Conquer. We all knew that we were breaking new ground and making computer gaming history. Besides, shooting Eric Gooch (Seth) in the head was a tremendous amount of fun -- I highly recommend it to anyone.

Cabal: Do you have any part in RA2 / Renegade?
Yes. I have the part of "director" for both. It's slightly less challenging than what I'm used to (mostly I just point and nod) but I've grown tired of being an internationally known celebrity. I can't walk down the street anymore without being completely mobbed by 18-22 year old women demanding a variety of odd "favors." Sure, super-stardom has its advantages -- I haven't paid for a single meal, drink or item of clothing since 1996 -- but I've decided that a life behind the camera is the life for me!

Cabal: Which game do you think will be most successful out of RA2 / Renegade?
I truly believe with each and every fiber of my very being that "Red Alert 2" and "Renegade" will sell EXACTLY the same amount of units: 1.4 billion. Some people may question the reality of this number, but I'm a hopeless optimist with an undying confidence in the strenght of Westwood's marketing department. And I'm willing to bet $250,000 of my own money that I'm right in this!

Cabal: Did James Earl Jones and Michael Biehn enjoy acting in TS?
I think that they enjoyed it. It's kind of hard for me to remember because I was drunk most of the time. I do recall Mike coming up to me one time and saying: "You, there. The guy with the hat. Yeah, you. Run and get me a bottled water. Thanks." If that's not the sign of a guy having fun, I don't know what is!

Cabal: Can you confirm either the Tiberian Twilight or C&C Movie rumors?
Yes -- I can unequivocally confirm that there are rumors of a C&C movie.

Cabal: What's your favorite quote from C&C?
"Good job with the beachhead." This is EVERYBODY'S favorite quote from C&C.




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