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By: Cyberlord, 25th October 2000

Cyberlord: What did you do when you were a kid?
Joe Kucan:
I ran, I frolicked, I gamboled in the fields. I danced with the devil and paid the piper. I plotted and planned and I reaped what was sewn. I threw caution. I waxed philosophic. I listened carefully and sat up straight. I questioned authority, I ate healthy, I fought with my inner demons and I learned all the words. I breathed deep. I heard voices, saw heaven, tasted honey, smelled fire and touched the face of God. And I laughed -- man, how I laughed and laughed!

Cyberlord: Do you have a girlfriend? if yes, does she like what you do?
Joe Kucan:
Yes, I have a girlfriend, but she doesn't know what I do. In order to protect her from embarrassment and humiliation, I've told her and her family that I'm an actor in porno films.

Cyberlord: Do you think the ESRB is too careful and concerned?? As Red Alert 1 was for 18 years and older, I started playing when I was 13.
Joe Kucan:
No. I fully support the notion that the games industry has a responsibility to label its products in accordance with the ESRB. That being said, I don't believe that families can be absolved of their own responsibilities to monitor what their kids are playing, watching or listening to.

Cyberlord: When you're shooting the stuff for RA2, did things go wrong? If yes, Can't you include Bloopers on the DVD at the Collectors edition?
Joe Kucan:
No, nothing ever went wrong. Ever. Anyone who says differently is a big, fat liar. Each take was perfect, flawless in every way. The actors all knew their lines, hit their marks and never, ever, bumped into the furniture. The camera was never out of focus, the dolly moved smoothly and consistently, the audio was clear and unsullied. I finished the project $30,000 under budget and 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Any Bloopers that you might see were completely fabricated at the time of the shooting.

Cyberlord: What do you think of Blizzard with it's Starcraft? better or worse then the C&C Franchise, I think C&C is way better.
Joe Kucan:
One of my favorite Dairy Queen treats is the Blizzard. I get mine with Oreo cookies and a shot of coffee. They're very tasty and quite reasonably priced. But still, they're not nearly as good as banana splits.

Cyberlord: What kind of car do you own?
Joe Kucan:
I own a Saab 900 Turbo Convertible and an Isuzu Trooper.

Cyberlord: Will Kane live on in any other C&C game?
Joe Kucan:
Not without a massive letter writing campaign from my fans. Keep those cards and letters coming. All pleas for the continuation of the Kane character should be sent to: Keep Kane in Command (KKC), 2400 North Tenaya Way, Las Vegas NV 89128. Monetary donations cheerfully accepted.

Cyberlord: Who's you best friend at Westwood, and why?
Joe Kucan:
My best friend at Westwood is, of course, Brett W. Sperry (the "W" stands for "Waldorf."). He is my best friend because it was at his urging that Westwood installed a free soda tap in the company lunch room. I really love that soda tap. You know, now that I think about it, forget Brett -- my best friend at Westwood is the free soda tap!

Cyberlord: Since you choreographed Martial arts, did you do Martial arts?
Joe Kucan:
I've had some martial arts training -- Aikido, Tai Chi and Gung-Fu. Mostly my training focused on movement conditioning, grace and weapons work (stuff that was meant to look good on the stage or screen). I'm not much of a fighter. My brother Daniel, however, kicks serious ass.

Cyberlord: Do you think it sucks, that you don't play in RA2?
Joe Kucan:
Yes. I think it sucks.




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