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By: Warhound, 18th August 2000

Has anyone ever wondered if he should go straight to C++ (programing) or learn C and then C++? Well I asked this question to Louis Castle and here is the answer.

Warhound: I know some DELPHI. I want to move on to C ,how long (average) would it take me to learn it and if possible tell me a book to buy.
C++ for dummies is one of the best guide books I have seen. Despite the name, it is a very in depth look at the language and offers great step by step instructions. Abrashes black book is also great for graphics but I don't recall the exact name. Look under programming for something like "The Balck Book of Graphic Guru secrets" or something like that.

Warhound: Do C/C++/VC++ use RAD tools or do you write code for everything?
We tend to write most of our technology, but RAD and other companies offer tool sets that give you a great leg up on making a game. You should try to match the game you want to build to the tools and not let the tools dictate what you want to make.

Warhound: If i learn C would i find it easy to learn C++ or has it got totaly new things?
C++ is a logical extension of C but used properly it is a different way to approach technical design. You can start with C++ and not worry about having to learn C first.

Warhound: Lets say in a few years when i know C/C++ etc would i find Assembler easier than if i started to learn it now or is Assembler a totaly different language?
No high level language is really going to help you with assembly language. However, learning assembly makes your high level coding more efficient and knowing a high level language makes you assembly more organized. It is good to know both.




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