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By: Cabal, 1st June 2000

Cabal: What was the most interesting bug fixed in TS / Firestorm?
There was a bug where units that were queued up to repair on a GDI repair pad would explode once they got on it. Each successive unit would then move onto the pad and explode as well, which was really funny to watch.

Cabal: Do you think that westwood's move from Virgin Interactive to EA was a good idea?
Absolutely. EA has the best distribution in the business and they've been around for 20+ years, which is a great sign of their stability. Also, everyone I've worked with in EA really enjoys making games and they know their stuff.

Cabal: If you could be any character from any C&C game who would it be and why?
Kane, 'cause he gets all the women.

Cabal: What are you working on now?
The next C&C game.

Cabal: Why didn't you include stomp on the C&C soundtrack or game?
Two reasons, first we didn't think it fit well with the other songs on the CD. Stomp is a great song but it really did stick out from the rest. Second, there wasn't any free space on the CD when we were making the final images. We did manage to free up some space just before we mastered but since we were in a code freeze at that point, we couldn't change anything about the game.

Cabal: Have you ever made a cameo appearance in a C&C game?
A very small appearance. I was the executioner in the first Nod movie for TS.

Cabal: Can you confirm either the Tiberian Twilight or C&C movie rumors?

Cabal: Why did you remove the dropship selector from TS?
It just didn't feel right in the game, so we pulled it out.

Cabal: What question do you get asked the most by C&C fans?
Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about RA2 and Renegade. I tell everyone the same thing, "I'm not on either of those projects so I can't answer any questions, sorry".

Cabal: Did you enjoy working for Westwood?
Without a doubt, this is an great place to work.

Cabal: What is Joseph Kucan like in real life? Does he have visions of taking over the world?
He tends to walk around the office laughing like a villian with a crazed look in his eye. Actually, Joe's a really nice guy and is a lot of fun to work with.

Cabal: What is your favorite piece of music from TS/Firestorm?
Pharotek, Deploy Machines, and Slave to the System. I can't pick a single favorite.

Cabal: Did it cost a lot to hire Michael Biehn and James Earl Jones?
Good talent is never cheap.

Cabal: Is nod's computer spelt Cabal or Cabaal? It is spelt both ways all over the internet.




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