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By: Warhound, 17th August 2000

Warhound: Anyway are you working on the RED ALERT 2 team?
I am not working on RA2.

Warhound: On which project are you working on ???
I'm on the next C&C project.

Warhound : Here is one question i have for you which i think you must know. I have 3D STUDIO MAX and i know that you use that at Westwood. With XCC utilities i have extracted a .shp file from TS mix files. When i try to import it one it gives me some kind of error saying INVALID FILE, then Improper file format. Are these files encoded if not why cant i open them. I would really like it if you could answer me this question??
.SHP files are 2D images that have been rendered and palette adjusted. You can't import them into Max.

Warhound : Thank you very much. Is there any way to open the .shp files?
Try using a 2D art program. It's not a standard extension but you might be able to open it.




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