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Red Guard Training Red Guard Training - Cost: 1 Star General
All Red Guards are trained to a higher level by default meaning they are veteran from the start.

Nuke Cannon Nuke Cannon - Cost: 1 Star General
Enables you to build the Nuke Cannon at the War Factory.

Artillery Training Artillery Training - Cost: 1 Star General
All Inferno and Nuke Cannons are automatically promoted to veteran status.

Cluster Mines Cluster Mines - Cost: 3 Star General
Cluster Mines are dropped from an aircraft onto a certain area of the battlefield. The mines are invisible and are triggered when an enemy unit passes over and is damaged.

Artillery Barrage Artillery Barrage - Cost: 3 Star General
Calls in a strike from artillery off the battlefield. The strike can be targeted anywhere at-all on the battlefield and there is no way of intercepting a barrage. Available in 3 strengths, each strength is more damaging.

Cash Hack Cash Hack - Cost: 3 Star General
When this upgrade is activated money can be stolen from enemy Supply Centres. Available in 3 levels with the third level giving you the most money.

Emergency Repair Emergency Repair - Cost: 3 Star General
The ability to repair vehicles in a certain area of the battlefield. There are three ranks of Emergency Reapir and each has a larger area of effect.

EMP Pulse EMP Pulse - Cost: 5 Star General
The EMP is dropped from an aircraft and so can be shot down before it is dropped. The EMP disables all structures and vehicles within it's large area of effect for a limited time.




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