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China - Mission 1 'The Dragon Awakes'

The Chinese military is on parade to show the world our strength. Make sure nothing happens to the parade.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility.

The pre-mission video shows rows of soldiers marching down the streets of Beijing. Suddenly, a car races through the crowd and explodes, killing several soldiers. GLA forces show up and attack the remaining Chinese forces. Just as the Chinese are gaining the upper hand, the GLA detonate a nuclear bomb, killing everyone in the area. You are left in command of a few troops left near the base. Destroy the car bombs that race towards your base. For some reason, you must direct your troops to fire at the cars manually. You will face another wave of car bombs and a couple of Technicals and Rebels will show up as well. Flame tanks are ideal for dispatching this force, but make sure to have a protective screen of infantry in case the car bombs get too close. Near the bridge several Battlemaster tanks should show up, and their guns should be enough to take out the Tunnel Network guarding the bridge. Occupy the surrounding civilian buildings to pick off the infantry.

Once you cross the bridge, it should trigger a video showing a wing of Migs taking out the GLA force on the hill. Going up the path on the right will cause you to run into more GLA forces. Therefore, you should be sneaky and attack from the left. There is a small path to the left of the bridge that leads right up to the bunker. Have your tanks destroy the bunker to end the mission.

There is an oil derrick near the bridge you can capture should things go horribly wrong and you should need some cash. Although frankly that's almost impossible on this mission, its up to you to decide.




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