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China - Mission 3 'A Flood of Violence'

The GLA is attempting to seize control of the damn in order to undermine our security in the region. Make sure this does not happen.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the dam.
  • Objective 2: Destroy the GLA base.

The pre-mission video shows China in trouble. GLA forces storm the nearby Chinese base and kill the defenders. With the base lost, Black Lotus decides fall back to the dam itself.

Although Black Lotus recommends destroying the dam to halt the GLA, I recommend against it. The GLA will take care of this job for you, and you need to spend that time protecting yourself and creating your infrastructure. Your first priority should be building your base. GLA units attack from the south of your base, so protect the bunker and occupy the nearby civilian tower. The GLA on the other side of the river will begin attacking the dam. One way or another, somebody will eventually blow a hole in the dam.

When this happens, a flood of water washes away several villages along with a few GLA buildings. Now the region is without power and thousands downstream will undoubtedly be killed from the flood. Great plan, Black Lotus! Another unfortunate side effect of the flood is that the water is draining out of the lake separating you from the GLA base.

Your new focus should be the walkway that's slowly being uncovered by the water. You have about 5 minutes to put together a defense, so use your time wisely. The best defense I've found is 2 Gattling Cannons combined with 2 Bunkers full of rocket infantry and Red Guard. This should be enough to shut down any force the GLA sends against you. Also, build 2 airports and have your Migs use the guard command on the mainland next to the bridge to strafe any GLA forces that might mass to attack. The Black Napalm upgrade will make the Migs ground attack stronger, so get it as quickly as your can. Also, to the west of your base are an Oil Refinery, Construction Dozer, and Oil Derrick. These are all very useful in the upcoming battles.

Gradually, build up your presence on the other side of the bridge. You will learn the GLA has killed everyone in town. If you are running low on money, make use of the Supply Dock on the GLA side near the bridge. Keep moving the Migs up closer and closer to the GLA base (south of the town). It's a good idea to build a War Factory in the middle of the town to repair your armor and speed units to the front (remember to build defenses around it and make use of the mine upgrade).

Save up your units and attack as a group instead of feeding them into the battle. This can be a very frustrating level if you don't, since the GLA's seemingly endless supply of resources guarantees they will constantly churn out troops that will chop up your force one by one.

Eventually you will overwhelm the outer defenses of the GLA base. Make sure and take out the Stinger Site so that your Migs will have free reign over the base. Take out the structures to end the mission.

This mission can require quite a lot of resources. After the dam breaks, there are no more GLA on your side of the river. There is a Supply Dock south of your base. You can build a Supply Depot nearby without worrying about GLA attacks.




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