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China - Mission 4 'Broken Alliances'

The GLA have constructed a bio toxin factory in the mountains. If the toxin reaches the nearby river, then thousands could die. Our best option is to firebomb the facility. Use your commando group to secure the area while we call in a Mig strike.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy 4 Stinger Sites.
  • Objective 2: Have Black Lotus capture the War Factory.

The pre-mission video shows two Migs on their way to destroy the factory. A Stinger Site blows one Mig apart, while another is shot down and impacts into a nearby mountainside.

When the mission begins, you have 10 infantry and Black Lotus. Purchase the veteran Red Guard upgrade and crank out 5 Red Guard. Also, build 5 hackers and have them Hack the Internet. This gives you $5/second in cash, and best of all the longer they do it the more money you get per second! The Red Guard you built combined with the forces already given to you should be enough to easily overpower the Stinger Site. Now, reinforcements should drop in. Use Black Lotus to capture the nearby Oil Derrick to increase your cash flow. Dispatch any infantry or Technicals that get too curious and proceed to your next target. There is a Rocket Buggy nearby that should be killed before you tackle the 2 Stinger Sites.

Now you face your biggest threat yet. A Toxin Tractor guards the final Stinger Site. It can single-handedly spell doom for your entire force. The safest option is to use Cluster Mines on the bridge, then send in some infantryman. The Toxin Tractor will more towards the infantry and will (hopefully) be destroyed by the mines. Another, riskier plan is to use Black Lotus to incapacitate the Tractor. The only problem with this is that she will then be spotted and fired up by the Stinger Site, and she will probably be killed before she finished her job. Plan C is a full on infantry assault. Sure, most of them will die, but it's better than killing off Black Lotus (you need her later on in the mission).

Don't forget about your hackers. After the video is displayed, they will quit hacking and stand around doing nothing. Get their lazy butts back to work cash is too important in this mission to pass up. Have Black Lotus capture the War Factory and build a couple of tanks. Tanks aren't affected much by toxin and are excellent for killing the Toxin Tractors. Move them into the center of town and have Black Lotus capture the Oil Derrick. Your infantry should occupy nearby buildings for protection.

Once the town is secured, its time to strike. Cluster Mine the entrance to the GLA base and send in some tanks. Have your soldiers occupy the tower. You will be able to take care of the troops guarding the entrance, and the mines should hamper GLA reinforcements.

Have Black Lotus cash hack the GLA Supply Stash to cut down on their unit production. Clear out the GLA troops who have occupied civilian buildings near the Stinger Site, then go after the Tunnel Network. Once these two obstacles are out of your way, hit the Stinger Site itself. Destroying the final Site triggers a video showing a wing of Migs attacking the toxin factory. The factory goes up in a burst of flame (although toxins are clearly shown leaking out near the river), ending the mission.




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