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China - Mission 6 'Dead in their Tracks'

The GLA have captured the trainyards at Bishkek and are rapidly reinforcing the city. You must use Black Lotus to destroy the bridge to halt this.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Use Black Lotus to destroy bridge.

The pre-mission video pans over the city, as the mission is described. A train roars out of a tunnel and stops at the train station, dropping of GLA Rebels. This mission defines the words cash poor. You are cheerfully informed that GLA supplies can be hacked for cash, but it doesn't seem to notice that the Supply Stashes are right next to the mission objective on the other side of the map!

Immediately move your Hackers into the center of your base and begin hacking the Internet. Now, build the Chaingun upgrade and a Gattling Tank. Move Black Lotus and the Gattling Tank east and pick up the crate, then go across the bridge to pick up the 2 crates on the riverbank. Some infantry might come after you, but the Gattling Tank should be able to kill them. Use your newfound cash to build another Gattling Tank, some infantry, and a Battlemaster tank. There is a nearby Stinger Site that will impair your ability to reinforce later in the mission. Take the time to destroy it now. Be aware there are several Demo Traps around, so use a Troop Crawler to find them and destroy them. Also, a Technical nearby will try and run over your troops. Use your tanks to destroy it. Once the Site is out of commission, capture the nearby Arms Dealer. Building a Radar Van and the sensor upgrade will help you spot areas of the map near the bridge and get an idea of the defenses.

The GLA will constantly be bringing in troops via the train, which only makes your already difficult task even harder. Fortunately, you can intercept the train when it stops at the little train stop on the eastern side of the map. Use your armor to destroy the train (target the first car), then have your infantry occupy a nearby building to mop up any survivors. Don't forget there is a U.N. crate at the train depot.

Leave your infantry and a Gattling Cannon to guard against future trains and have Black Lotus capture the GLA Supply Stashes up north. The bridge is in sight! Unfortunately, for a super spy Black Lotus seems to be unable to climb the small ravine that separates her from the bridge. It looks like we'll be taking the long way around.

To cross that relatively short distance between your position and the bridge, you will need quite a bit of backup. Your best bet is a direct attack. Under NO circumstances send any units across the middle bridges, as this will trigger angry mobs to come out of the stadium and attack you. Send a Dragon Tank across the northern bridge and clear out the three occupied buildings (you will have to force fire on the building directly north of the park). Alarms will sound, and the GLA will send several units to attack your tank. It will die in the process, but such is the price of progress. Wait a few seconds until the GLA units have gone back to their positions, then move 4-6 Battlemaster tanks across the bridge. Also, send some infantry to occupy the structures on the other side of the bridge.
They should be enough to clear out the nearby GLA units that come to attack you. Given the cramped streets of Bishkek, rocket infantry are particularly effective in killing the GLA tanks. Use the large park as a staging area for your units until you are ready to attack.

When you are ready, have your troops occupy the building closest to the Stinger Sites. Your troops will kill the rocket infantry inside, allowing your other units to join in.

Don't forget your primary mission, which is to get Black Lotus to the bridge. Everything else is secondary. Move your units near the bridge to destroy the Radar Van and second Stinger Site, and send Black Lotus in (she should be relatively safe since she is a cloaked unit.) This triggers a video in which she plants a bomb, and waits for the train. Just as the train crosses the bridge, she blows the bridge, sending the train into the river below.

Jamie Whyte has an easier solution to get Black Lotus on the bridge... "Hi, on the China mission 6 where you have to use the black lotus to blow the bridge up you can simply have her run around the edge of the map to the two supply stashes and then from there click on the railway bridge. she'll run over the road bridge below the railway bridge past two tanks, past the [Stinger Sites] that will not kill her in time and onto the railway bridge all on her own... mission complete, no units created or lost.... takes 2 minutes"




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