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GLA - Mission 1 'Back Rain'

Although the Chinese forces have hurt us badly, their occupation has spread them too thin. Now is the time to avenge our fallen brothers.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Chinese outpost.
  • Objective 2: Destroy the dam.

The pre-mission video shows a GLA attack on a Chinese outpost. Caught off guard, the Chinese offer little resistance as the GLA rips through their buildings. You are placed in charge with cleaning up the Chinese base. Red Guard soldiers arrive from the south to try and drive you off, but the truck bomb with bio bomb upgrade takes care of them quickly. Don't forget to equip your vehicles with the parts from destroyed enemy units. They upgrade your firepower and can help compensate from the GLA's overall armor weakness. Once the outpost is destroyed, a video shows your forces heading back to base. The Chinese are scouring the area looking for you, so expect to defend your base.

This mission is much easier if you use the Arms Dealer, but first you must find him. Send a Technical or another fast unit to the southwest of your base. You should see a little path in the mountains leading to the Arms Dealer. Take his advice and get the Scorpion Rocket upgrade, as it will make taking out enemy Battlemaster tanks easier. You should also send a Worker over there and have him build a Tunnel Network to send your units up to the front lines quickly.

Although a minor issue in this mission, you should still pay attention to defense. Fortunately, it's nothing you can't handle, but it's best to put your scorpions backed with Technicals on the northern entrance to your base. They will easily take care of the troops the Chinese send against you, freeing the rest of your army to attack. Send a Technical to the east and you should see four Red Guard soldiers. Dispatch them and you should see a large group of Chinese tanks. Have one of your Truck Bombs disguise itself as a Battlemaster and purchase the High Explosive upgrade. Chinese troops will see it as a friendly, but their base defenses will not be fooled. Luckily, that will not be an issue this mission.

North of this base is the village. Destroy the Propaganda Tower in the center to cause some of the inhabitants to join your side. Occupy a nearby civilian structure and have a Worker build a Tunnel Network in the center of the village. You can now reinforce yourself if necessary. Chinese tanks and nearby troops will come to attack, so use the rocket infantry provided by the Tunnel Network to take them out.

Once the area is relatively clear of troops, send a disguised Truck Bomb north of the village and you should find a secret path in the hills that leads directly to the dam. There are a few troops guarding the pass, but they won't pay attention to your Truck Bomb. Drive it up to the dam and blow it up. The resulting flood will kill most of the Chinese in the area. The small fishing village is destroyed as well, but that is the price one must pay for progress.

Near the village is a bridge. If you cross the bridge and head southeast to the corner of the map, you will find eight veteran Technicals waiting for you. It isn't necessary to get them to win, but they are there should you need them.

On the north east corner of the map are some lightly guarded U.N. crates full of money. Also, directly north of your base is a Chinese Supply Depot with several U.N. crates nearby. Again, they are nice but not necessary.




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