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GLA - Mission 4 'Incirlik Air Base'

The U.S. is attempting to expand their hold over Turkey by building a base at Incirlik. If we can destroy this base, we will show the world that America is vulnerable. Overall, this is one of the toughest GLA missions.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy U.S. air base.

The pre-mission video shows American Raptors on a routine patrol. Spotting some GLA Technicals, they open fire, but miss as the Technicals go under a bridge. Unable to outrun the Raptors, four Technicals are destroyed.

Your first priority should be air defense. Build a Barracks and Arms Dealer and begin churning out rocket infantry and Quad Cannons. Also, rocket infantry and Stinger Sites should be placed around your base to deter air attacks. The U.S. will also attack with tanks and Humvees, so be prepared to defend the entrance to your base as well.

You will either win or lose the mission in the first 10 minutes. The U.S. uses every aircraft they have to pummel your base, while strike forces move up to attack. The best air defense is a spread out line of rocket infantry, backed with a few Stinger Sites and Tunnel Networks. Leave a few Workers in the area to repair the Sites from air attacks. The idea is to not concentrate your forces in any one area, since the U.S. also uses Fuel-Air Strikes. Upgrade your vehicles using the parts enemy units leave behind, and keep couple of Tunnel Networks nearby to hide in for air strikes. You don't really have a good way to repair your vehicles, and 2nd chevron veterans and higher automatically heal.

You'll also be strapped for cash. Upgrade the bounty you get for killing enemy units, since this will provide most of your income during the first few minutes. Building a second Supply Stash is a good idea, since the U.S. will target your Supply Stash and if you lose it your may not recover. Remember that the U.S. does not have infinite resources, and if you can take down enough aircraft (especially Auroras), then they can't replace them.

Eventually, you'll want to build up a small force and go over the bridge. Build a Supply Stash near the Supply Dock and protect it with Stinger Sites. Also, if you go under the ravine and head north, there is an oil derrick you should occupy. Another oil derrick exists southwest of the second Supply Dock, and if you continue west of that derrick you will find a Chinese outpost you can occupy. This spot also makes an ideal spot to attack the base with Rocket Buggies or SCUD Launchers. By this point the air attacks should be slacking off, but the U.S. also builds a number of Comanches. Quad Cannons will rip up the Comanches, and Rocket Buggies or SCUD Launchers can hit the base defenses. You should then be able to overpower their defenses and storm the base.

Jesse Hamilton offers the following tip for quickly defeating the U.S. base: (not a direct quote) Use your Rebel Ambush on the lower left hand corner of the American base above the Chinese outpost. You will not be exposed to enemy gunfire and will be able to capture the nearby buildings. You can sell them for cash and use the money to build units within the U.S. base by recapturing the buildings.




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