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GLA - Mission 5 'Toxic Waste Containment and Storage Facility'

Those Americans running dogs have captured our toxin facility. Without it, our global struggle will be in jeopardy. You must recapture the facility and teach those Americans a lesson they'll never forget.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture 4 chemical bunkers.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all American forces in the area.

The pre-mission video shows the Americans capturing the facility. U.S. forces place explosives on a chemical bunker and run away. As the GLA moves in to take possession of the bunker, it blows up covering them in anthrax.

This mission is relatively simple compared to your previous mission. You start with a well-established base and little danger for the moment. Take this opportunity to explore southeast until you see a bridge. Have your Worker build a Tunnel Network and Stinger Site. This should be enough to hold of the small strike teams the U.S. sends across. Also, keep a Quad Cannon and Radar Van handy to eliminate any Pathfinders that start killing off the soldiers in the Stinger Site.

With your southern flank secure, it's time to head up north. Occupy the buildings in the town north of your base, and secure your position with Tunnel Networks and Stinger Sites. Rocket Buggies are good at destroying the occupied bunkers near the northern bridge, while Jarmen Kell can clean out the soldiers that run out.

By this point, the U.S. will probably be warming up their Particle Cannon. However, they foolishly built it near their Strategy Center, which you can see when it switches strategies. Use your General's Promotion to create 8 Rebels around the Strategy Center, and capture the Cannon and nearby buildings. At the very least, you should be able to prevent the U.S. from firing the cannon.

In the meantime, have your Rocket Buggies attack the bunkers on the other side of the river. Watch out for U.S. troops and armor in the base. They can be easily taken out if you managed to capture the airfield, but then you must clear out the Patriot missile batteries. Once you have the area under control, go ahead and capture the 4 bunkers.

Capturing the bunkers will cause all U.S. forces to attack. Although its doubtful, they will overwhelm you, having the troops come down from the north and cross the bridge in the south at the same time can cause you some trouble. Make sure to have enough troops on hand to deal with the mix or armor and rocket troops the U.S. uses to attack. Fortunately, this is all they have. Once you take them out, you can demolish the rest of their base with ease. Remember that toxin tractors are great at clearing out occupied buildings, including bunkers.




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