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GLA - Mission 6 'Splinter Cell Controlled Region'

Some spineless GLA traitors have joined the Chinese forces. To prove their loyalty, they have turned and attacked us. We cannot let this stand. Use the nukes provided by their Chinese masters against them.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Eliminate all traitorous GLA forces.

The pre-mission video shows the convoy of trucks loaded with nuclear weapons rolling down a road. The GLA ambushes the convoy, killing the guards and taking the nuclear weapons for their own use.

Although you start the mission with several troops and defensive structures, they are spread all over the map. Worse yet, Chinese reinforcements are coming in a few minutes. Take the opportunity to build two Stinger Sites near the southwest corner of the map, where the nuclear bomb trucks are. Also, fill the ravine with Demo Traps. Since the Chinese come in a large bunch, it only takes a few mines to clear them all out. If you'll replace the traps after the Chinese reinforcements arrive, then you won't have to worry about them for the rest of the game.

You'd better strengthen your front lines as well. Once the rebel GLA forces discover your position (you will be notified when this happens), then you will be constantly attacked from the north and from the ravine that loops west (where your fortifications and ambush troops are). Load up a Technical with a Worker, 2 Rebels, and 2 rocket infantry. Send the Technical up the northwest side of the map until your find the abandoned refinery complex at the very upper northwest corner of the map. Capture the oil derricks and build a Stinger Site and Tunnel Network for protection. You can also build an Arms Dealer and Barracks behind the refinery.

Reinforce the line north of your base with more Stinger Sites and armor. The rebel GLA forces frequently attack from this direction, and can cause you a lot of headaches if you do not properly defend yourself. A few Workers sprinkled along the lines will keep your defensive structures up and running. Keep a few units in the middle of your base as well, in case GLA units break through your front lines.

Eventually, the GLA will get their SCUD Storm up, so you'll only have a couple of minutes until it strikes. The best way to deal with it is to send an Anthrax Bomb near the SCUD Storm. Since the computer cheats, it will scatter its units away from the strike. You can then send in a Rebel Ambush north of the SCUD Storm and either capture it or destroy it. The GLA will try to send units up to take out your Rebels, but the anthrax clouds left behind by the strike should keep them away from you.

The easiest way to win this mission is to concentrate your attention to the north. Build 2 Stinger Sites and a Tunnel Network near the eastern entrance to the refinery, and station a few SCUD Launchers around there. The GLA often uses the ravine just below that entrance as a staging area to attack your outpost, and if you can attack them with the Launchers, they'll charge up the hill into your Singer Sites. Build a couple of Angry Mobs (3 or 4 should be enough) and send them east up the hill to attack the vehicles and Tunnel Complexes in the rebel base.

Continue your rampage west and knock out the Arms Dealer and Barracks. Although not necessary, feel free to bring up the nuke trucks to take out any concentrations of rebel forces. By destroying the heart of their base, you'll win the mission.

In about the center of the map is a ravine that forms a ring around a central hill. On that hill are some enemy infantry, 2 Tunnel Complexes, and a Supply Stash. If you have having trouble with lots of GLA rebel units, you can take them if you want to reduce their cash flow.

Calvin Scott II includes the following tip, which I have checked out:
"I beat this in 3 mins on Brutal Difficulty. If you use the general stars to get the ambush rebel to the max, then take the nuke trucks up to the main base alone (They will never get attacked if they go alone.) Use the nukes to destroy most of the 4 main buildings there then after a min or so, activate the ambush rebels and finish off the main buildings and you win."

Sure, it's easy and one of the most obvious ways to beat the level, but who wants to do things the easy way? Apparently not me, that's who




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