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GLA - Mission 7 'Soviet Era Rocket Facility'

This is the hour of our destiny. Today we will show the world our true power. You must take possession of the Cosmodrome so that we may deliver our justice to the west.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture the ground control building.
  • Objective 2: Capture the launch pad.

The pre-mission video shows the missile being sent by train to the launch pad. An overhead views shows the facility is prepared for launch. A voice over explains that although security is tight, you must not fail.

Your surroundings consist of a city to your north, surrounded by a river. Three bridges link the city to the U.S. and Chinese bases. Your first order of business should be to capture the oil derrick to the southwest of your base. Also, there is a very annoying train that goes through your base, killing any unit it touches. The best way to get rid of it is to but one mine on the tracks and wait for the train to pass. Money will be tight for a while, so watch every penny you spend and build the Black Market as soon as possible.

There are three bridges leading out of the city. The Americans will attack from the southernmost bridge. They rely heavily on air attacks, so you'll want to concentrate your Stinger Sites and rocket infantry. You'll have to continually replace them, but you can offset the cost with bounties since aircraft are so expensive. The Chinese attack from the northernmost bridge with land units. Two Stinger Sites and two Tunnel Networks will slow them down, but you will have to reinforce it with units if you want to hold the position. Rocket buggies placed on the riverbank will take out the armor, but Jarmen Kell is critical to take out the hoards of infantry the Chinese send.

Eventually, you'll want to build up a small strike force of Rocket Buggies and Jarmen Kell and attack the Chinese Bunkers up north. Jarmen will be critical to take out the infantry in the Bunkers and the occupied buildings. Build a line of Tunnel Networks up north so that you can continually reinforce your units. If you can make it up the second hill, you can easily destroy or capture the Chinese base. Bring along some Quad Cannons and SCUD Launchers to take out the Migs and units around the launch site. Take them out and capture the launch site. By now, the U.S. must be down to their last few dollars. Set up your Launchers on the edge of their base and fire on their Particle Cannon. Once that's out of the way, get rid of the occupied building near the Control Center. Once its gone, there is nothing to stop your from occupying the Control Center and ending the mission.

The final video shows the rocket being prepped from launch. The next scene shows an unnamed large metropolis. Out of the sky, the warhead splits into three parts. Each piece of the warhead explodes, sending three large green chemical mushroom clouds into the air. The streets are bathed in green smoke. I have to wonder why the GLA didn't put nukes on the missile instead of chemical weapons. I mean, if you're going to the trouble to capture a Cosmodrome, then why not go for the gold? Oh well…

Bart-Jan Gort offers this (rather elaborate) tip for beating the mission:
"In the last GLA mission, get the rebel ambush to level 3. Get the anthrax bomb, the camouflage upgrade and the capture building upgrade. The anthrax bomb also kills tanks. Drop the anthrax bomb southwest of the strategy center. Wait e few seconds. Launch a rebel ambush next to the strategy center and start walking away from the anthrax bomb (they will be invisible now, so the strat center wont fire his cannon). When your rebels appear, the USA will send their tanks to [destroy] your rebels. The anthrax bomb will kill the tanks, but your rebels are far away from the bomb so they will survive.

When the anthrax is gone, you can capture the strategy center. When you have it, there are no defenses you have to be afraid of. Now capture some power plants and capture the particle cannon. When you wait with this until 1-2 mins before the particle cannon fires, you will be able to fire the cannon almost immediately when you have captured it. Fire it on the missile silo in the northwest corner.

You can try to keep the base, or if you cant hold it out long enough with the rebels, sell every building you capture. Now fire a scud storm on the damaged nuclear silo or launch another ambush near it and kill it (the Chinese are to well defended to capture it). You can also walk the surviving rebels away so they will become invisible again. Now you can walk a rebel to each building and capture them all at once so the Chinese can't kill them fast enough. Sell the buildings and move in with your main force."




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